Urgant suggestions needed. DWC plants too heavy to clean rez!

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  1. Hi. My plants are in week 4 flowering. They vegged for 2 months. I have 2 plants sharing the same DWC rez. They both cover the entire 5x5ft grow tent, and are close to the HPS lights! my plants are massive!!
    I cannot lift up my DWC res lid. It will literally crack. It is simply too heavy.
    I use hydroguard and dont have root rot issues. But what can i do to ensure my water doesnt get salt buildup??
    Any suggestions is well appreciated

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  2. so long as they ain't a fire risk no big deal
    empty the rez at least 1x per week ...drain it out
    Syfone or drill a tap..??
    keep an eye on the root condition
    but yeah you are one brave grower for sharing is caring or is it too cheap?

    more room please next grow ...lol
    and yeah take notes ...lol

    good luck
  3. I'm currently testing a "never change" strategy.
    After 10 weeks, I've had zero issues.
    Instead of hydroguard, I use clorox.
    I also try to not over-feed.

    I now believe that this "change your reservoir every x-days" is advice that hasn't been sufficiently tested.
    The nute companies won't like this.
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