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Urban Poison, Dro Seed, and random....CFL grow.

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by TeamMilitary, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. 2 of them are urban poison which are the lanky ones the dro seed i got from a buddy is the smaller one and the bush looking one is a free one Nirvana sent me with my order. Im using miracle grow soil (didnt know it was not recommended when i started lol) and i have 2 CFL 100W bulbs on each one. temp is at 75, humidity and Ph i have no idea waiting to save up some money to get a digital reader. I didnt germ just through in pots on Feb. 2nd, the dro seed planted about a week later. Took pics today. just looking for some tips and help along the way =].

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  2. the first one of the urban poison is shorter also because one of my lights fell on top of it and some of the leaves got burnt but it has recovered well happend when it was about 1/3 its size
  3. can anyone tell me why the end of the leaves on my plants are drooping like that?
  4. more pictures at 25 days into veg except the smaller bush plant which is only 18days into veg just looking for some input to see if my plants are looking ok and if i should start flowering soon or maybe some other tips. i also think i might have some nute burn might be able to tell by looking at the last picture.

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  5. the short plant looks nice.keep it up

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