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  1. Im bored so lets see some funny UD entries, ill start:

    Cornhole- The act of gently inserting your well lubed erect cock into your womans well rimmed and squeeky clean anus. Making sure plenty of lube has also been applied to her sphincter as well. With a gentle push, once the crown of your cock has stretched her sphincter, you allow her bung muscle to relax and then start a gradual entering of her turdcutter. Once fully in her turdcutter, you begin a slow, short pumping motion until you build up to a full length cock stabbing penetration of her dumphole. Stroking as fast as possible, while holding on to her hips until you reach the point of no return. You finish off, balls deep in her rectum. Pumping your gooey man juice deep in her crapper, coating the walls of her colon.

    Sent from inside a dinosaur's butthole flaps
  2. So it's just anal?
  3. Yeah sounds like a fancy name for anal

    Been around since the beginning of man

  4. Was funnier on Tosh.0
  5. I just used the girls juice as lube

    But she did get super wet during sex.
  6. that is a dumbass name for anal...
    snowballing is probably the most interesting thing ive found on UD tbh
  7. screwnicorn
    When two raging lesbians get naked and strap dildos to their foreheads, they get down on all fours and crawl around trying to penetrate each other.
    My lesbian roommate tried playing screwnicorns and ended up finding out she likes anal.

    we can sit in a distant haze and watch rain clouds pour thoughts of greatness and help our troubles sail real far away.

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