Uranium Glass Bong?

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  1. If you've ever seen classic uranium (or Vaseline) glass, you can probably tell how badass it looks. Though not a lot of things are made of Uranium glass anymore, there are still little glass beads and marbles that are made of uranium glass even today. 
    Now, I was wondering, as anyone ever even attempted to make a bong out of uranium glass? I don't know if this would be unsafe, as uranium contains a small amount of radiation (uranium glass registers on a Geiger counter), but in my opinion it would make a totally unique and frankly, badass bong. 
    Has anyone seen or even heard of anything like this? Any glassblowers out there that could tell me if it's even possible?

  2. I'm not glass blower but i think that a uranium glass piece is kinda hazardous to health, I know what kind of glass you are talking about and honestly i wouldn't mind owning a uranium glass bong as an ornament.  :smoke:
  3. yea shit would be fresh as hell, i dont know about smoking out of it though
  4. I can't imagine it would be that hazardous. It would only require a tiny tiny amount of uranium and it's in an oxidised state anyway making it more stable
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7KnCE03VN8
  6. They dont produce the uranium tubing anymore but there are still some stocks of it left and people are charging an arm and a leg for it. I think it looks mostly clear, maybe with a tint of yellow or something in the regular light, but it glows under a black light.

    Most people save it for higher end pieces due to the cost

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    I managed to find some of the tubing on ebay, stock leftover from WWII. If I were a glassblower, I'd buy it and make a sick ass bong. Alas... 
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    I got a decent uranium piece.

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  9. It reminds me of people lighting themselves on fire for the fire challenge.

    I dont see the point of having a bong that can give you cancer, because it's cool.


    Its like, here's my uranium bong....um...wait, put this led vest on first lol
  10. So do bananas. The likelihood that one would experience any negative health effects from such a small amount of UO[SUB]2 [/SUB]is infintismal, at best.
  11. Omg! Uranium bongs have radiation gasses trapped inside them. When heated, you will release the gas, inhale it, and die! Do not smoke from a uranium bong!
  12. LMAO is there actual videos for this? They want to spread awareness of human cumbustion?
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    LMAO I love that shit when i'm high!! Thanks for the laugh. They would be holding the container of lighter fluid while setting themselves on fire. Total lack of common sense. Now we need to post the video of "epic human torch fails" Where the container catches fire, The house catches fire and the person burns to death. Any of those vids around?
  14. Lol, most likely on world star, a site dedicated to stupid shit. People even rob people and post it on there and then go to prison for it.


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