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ur take on tasty puffs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thedanksta, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. whats everyones thoughts on tasty puffs, those r the little drops u put on ur bud or blunt or bowl or joint
    i seen some today and almost grabbed um but im wondering what everyone else thinks
    they got cognac chocolate watermelon pina colada strawberry cherry vanilla lemon mint some others too
    i was gonna grab the pina colada and watermelon
    their only a couple bucks ne wayz
  2. thats exactly what its supposed to do but im wondering if its n e good
  3. Never heard of them but if they can make weed taste like watermelon weed they kick ass, but who knows if they really work
  4. I've never heard of them either. For flavor, I usually just use a watermelon or grape rolling paper.
  5. Personally, I like the flavor of weed as it is. One of the best things about it IMO.

  6. Word
  7. Never heard of them but i like to taste what i've bought.
  8. Why haven't any of us ever heard of these tasty puff things?

    Sounds interesting, though! I like to taste my weed too but sometimes a slight change can be coooool! :)
  9. where would you get them? a head shop or smoke shop?
  10. This would be good for schwag and maybe some low mids.
    I would love to smoke weed and taste chocolate though if these really worked.
  11. never heard of them, but damn that doesnt sound healthy...

    id still try it though! a nice fresh minty hit of bud, how could that be bad?

  12. ADAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!! Why are you here, dude??? Where's your girl????
  13. hahaha, when i posted that i KNEW youd reply in here asking me...

    hahaha, she met up with some buddies while i was busy this morning, and got WAY too stoned :D (damn i love her hahah ;) ) so shes just showering/eating right now, gonna call me in a bit, might be rescheduled for tomorrow, hopefully not, ill be sure to tell you all the details after ;)
  14. I'm just glad you didn't screw something up! I was trying to figure out how someone so in love and so sweet and good, who turned us all into mushy messes today, could possible have screwed something up.

    I know everything will be perfect! You'll make her a happy girl!!! :)

    ...and details would be very good...they'd make me a happy girl! I love details! :p
  15. hahah well hopefully ill have a story for tomorrow, if not then i should on sunday, unless everything goes haywire and we dont do anything at all :O but thatd be ok... i can wait till next week. i could wait years. shes that damn good.

    I have some nice roses waiting for her in my room right now :D
  16. Has anyone ever tried those camel exotic blend cigs when ur high? you can taste then so much better...smoking the fruity ones with the flavor thing in the filter tastes like candy smoke.
  17. i had a pack of them once, i nver smoked them while I was high though
  18. you gotta try it some time its great...even tho they're a little expensive
  19. hiya, I only just joined to let you guys know that I use them in almost every smoke I have at the mo ,Ive got mango,orange,watermelon,pine-apple,chronic hypnotic,cherry and my fav at the mo is coconut, with the coconut one I find it not tasting of coconut but more like when someone smokes a 'normal' pipe,its great cuz it isnt so heavy as pipe lol.
    anyway, I get mine from my local headshop but if you're really stuck,have a look
    at the original site here or at Ebay
    ,hope you'll luve them as much as me once you've found your fav tast lol :D

  20. errr oops only just noticed last post was in 2003 ,duh blondie

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