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ur suspended motha sucka!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by biggreen7, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. yeh so like we were on the bus and my bf gave me his pot to hold for the week cause his mom had a cleaning lady come for his room, and so i geuss some shit saw him give it to me, and they told their parents who told the school, who the principal called us down yelled at us for an hour or so, got our parents, more yelling, and then had the cops come in and make reports and since this was like 3rd suspension he had to get a probation officer and house arrest, and court. so thats my story
  2. That sucks. But it just goes to show,
    never bring weed to school with you.
  3. i live in cape elizabeth right out side of portland...u?
  4. Yeah, don't bring weed to school. Especially if you ride the school bus. If you're driving to school, you can at least leave it in your car or something.

    My advice, buy a car and stop taking the bus. :D
  5. damn you live in cape? i'm from the lewiston/auburn area
  6. i go to concerts sumtimes near there
  7. I have always been interested in Maine for some is the weather there? hows the herb?
  8. its pretty nice out, the waters cold, but its not like xtremely hot...herbs gooddd
  9. I was born in Maine. Im from Mattawamkeag (god i hate spelling that shit) Its like an hour north of Bangor. Now I live in Chicago.
  10. they had drug dogs always sniffing the parking lot out at my school
  11. bitches. drug sniffing the parking lot is low. anyway, i don't think there's anything wrong with bringing it to school, unless you flash it around. then you're an idiot who deserves to get caught. and don't look excessively stoned.
  12. when i was in high school i used to bring bags in all the time. my buddy got screwed on day because they brought in some dogs and he had to flush his sack because he couldnt get caught again. sad day but i agree with s0520870 about using drug dogs, that shit just sucks!
  13. when i used to deal man...i would never bring shit to make them come to me...or meet them somewhere after school
  14. im in maine right now... hallowell (sp?) and the other house we're at is in gardiner

    but i'd ratehr be back home in killlla kali

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