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  1. so ya i got 23/21/18 inch plants they just started flowering are these decent size? Do you think they'll produce a good amount of bud?

    i also have a spray bottle and i like to lightl spray the plants with water daily is this a bad idea?
  2. during flowering dont you may for first week or 2 once you see flowerrs preflowers bad idea your inviting a bunch of mold spores to eat your flowers no bueno
    the should also almost double in the first 3 weeks they will stretch the first 2 after that maybe a small amout of growth happens but yes jut yesterday im 3 weeks into flowering plant that was 15 in from the light almsot every top stretch to 13in from the light almost 2 inches in 12 hour period i check them every day at lights on work then gone
  3. they just need some tlc :) would you like to be sprayed everyday when youwake up? lol in your face? idts good growing tho and gl:)
  4. hmmm so the water spraying has been a bad idea ok ill stop so u think these sizes r good and will produce great bud? i got all the lights 2700k like 10+ cfl bulb each 26w= to 100w and 1 68 w cfl bulb = 300w in the middle of the 3 plants the botton leaves arnt gettign much light tho its most from middle and on top :-\
  5. they are a great high for the amount of lights you have... i think you'll get a decent amount of bud, but it will be a week or two late. Also, with those low watt bulbs, putting them only a few inches above the plants would be a great idea since they wont burn the plants like a 400w HPS will. I'd say 6-8 inches or closer... Just make sure your hand is comfortable directly above the plants tops.
  6. ya i got them super close 2-4 inches away and i try to get 2-4 cfls pre plant and the big one in the middle
    how much weed u guess id get off all 3?
  7. Its hard to guess. there are so many factors in the equation to even make a educated guess. But by the sounds of it, you should get a decent amount for what you got.
  8. hmmm hope i break even with all the money into light the fixture/ soil/ nutes :-\
  9. How much did ya spend? If you don't mind me asking. I spent about $150 for my first grow 1 plant ( in week four of flowering) and I'd be happy with an oz
  10. see small is ok but with lil more invest ment your money will go allot longer
    my first grow used a 600w in a 4X4 with 6 plants was a bit too much got about 9 oz and 2 oz popcorn nugs second grow 1000w chopped 2 weeks early and still had 10 oz cfls ibn my opinion are for hobbyy smoke and spraying during flowering bad not during veg helps a bit but with 230 wats actual and watering conditions and humidty arent out of wack around 2 3 oz if you lucky and go 2 weeks longer cause they dont ripen the buds as fast as the hid's to
  11. prob around 200$
  12. god if i get 2 oz ill be so happy
  13. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM ill take my time with these plants as long as it take to get as much as possible out of them

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