Ur not gunnna ripp me off

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ideal, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. wanna hear something funny?, I thought this one dealer I meet was cool but when I went to his house today I asked for a half quarter he said ok, and went into a room and came out with a bag of weed, I looked at it and it was in one bud that looked kinda small for a half quarter ... so I opened the bag up and it smelled awesome ... as I didnt see him placing the weed on a scale and showing it to me I asked him to bring the scale out and let me see for my self, he looked at me for a bit and said hes really busy right now ... I told him it doesnt take long so he went into his room and came out with his scale ... and started walking torwards what seemed to be his kitchen ... I took the scale and just threw my weed with the bag on the scale and it came up as 2 grams ... So at this point I was mad and started making my way to the kitchen, when all of the sudden he walks out and started laughing and said sorry man, like it was a fking joke, I told him to give me a 100 bucks worth or ill beat the shit out of him. He wasnt laughing no more and went back into his room ... So I waited and waited and waited ... at this point I was really pissed off so I kicked the door in kicked him on the right side of his chin bruce lee style and then he had the nerv to try to run!, at this point I was laughing cause he ran like a mother fk!, what was really funny is I took all his weed and his crummy ass scale, lol looks like there is at least a 2-4 month supply, lol
  2. btw I thought I might add im not the type to start a fight but this guy was asking for it
  3. gj dude. kid deserved it. fucking joking my ass.
    and if you cant hold your shit you shouldnt be trying to rip people off. dumb fuck.
  4. hahaha... man... that must have been a nice sight. good job. (I'm not encouraging violence, but discouraging dumbass dealers)
  5. that must have felt pretty good. how much bud did you get?
  6. i encourage violence

    kick his ass! hahahha
  7. lol well like I said I usually dont start anything but to all you dealers who ripp people off beware cause there is some people who dont take that shit
  8. what the fuck kind of dealer is that!? theres only one dealer that i know to be a little bitch like that and he's been jacked 6 times by different people. i jacked him for 2 ounces a while back
  9. maybe diffrent in the states, but even if a dealer had ripped you off over here........if you do that you have to face the consequenses, as the dealer is the bottom man.......it's his boss you gotta deal with.......and he'll be either packing a piece, or a car full of bodies with bats.......

    just grow your own and don't worry about buying it.......

    i mean a 1/2 of a 1/4..........so basically an 1/8........for $100...so you were gonna pay the eqivelant of $800 for an oz of this stuff?

    an average small plant grown indoors will give you approx 2oz.....and costs the price of a seed....a pot....some soil...and a light.........or allmost free when done outdoors, and yields average of say 6-10oz per plant......

    why buy......


    Peace out.........Sid
  10. Nice ideal! If a dealer ripped me off I don't think I would start a fuss, because the dealers travel in packs with knives or guns. I would think thrice before doing something.
  11. Sorry, i can't agree with your style. You should have took your money back and told everyone you know that he's a shady bitch. You didn't even fight fire with fire, you took it a step further and tried to jack him, that's never cool and if I were him I'd be whipping out my knife and chasing you away, I'd even consider calling the cops (It's not hard to get rid of any pot I have around).

  12. Right... what's he going to say if he calls the cops? "Help! This guy attacked me because I sold him a shitty bag!" or "Help! This guy just stole all my weed!"
  13. damn man. I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    I've only been ripped off once, but I just let it go and I never dealt with him again, and none of my friends do anything with him anymore either.

  14. I'm not positive but I think he was gonna buy an 1/8 for a regular price but when he noticed the kid tried to rip him off he demanded $100 worth of weed for the original price. Right?

    I say good job man, shady bitches like him need to learn lessons, and fast.

  15. He meant ideal could've placed an anonymous call to the cops so they go and arrest that motherfucking rippoff.

    I quite agree with crazy....
  16. $100 for an 1/8 are u fking crazy man?, no it costs 35$ but when he came out laghing he pulled the last straw so I demanded a 100$ worth and this dealer paints his fking toe nails I aint afraid of his little bitch ass, some people would tell all the other people that his a shitty dealer and some like me dont take that shit ... the kid deserved what he got and I aint gunna feel bad and im not gunna call the cops and I know he aint gunna cal lthe cops, if he calls them they'll find out why, cops arent stupid

  17. i have to disagree

  18. sorry maybe I should have said cops arent that stupid
  20. man no more fighting no more violence increase the peace everyone smoke weed

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