Upward Curling And Twisting Of New Growth

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  1.  I am starting to get concerned about two of my Critical Kushs.  The have somewhat stunted growth and some pretty extreme upward curling and twisting of new growth.  They have been like this for some time and I thought it was maybe genetics but the third Critical Kush looks fantastic.  I am kinda confused.  I have done some reading around and it looks like it could be related to cal/mag deficiency?  It sounds like some cal/mag or Epsom Salts would help correct this issue?  Any thoughts?  I would love some input they are starting to worry me, they don't look as happy as their sisters!  I plan on doing a flush as well in the next day or two.  My temps are constantly in the mid seventies to very low eighties.  Humidity is a little low around twenty percent.  All same medium FFOF with 20% perilite.  pH at 6.5 to 7.  They have all been receiving same amounts of Grow Big and Big Bloom, and all the others seem fine.
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    Thanks to anybody kind enough to take to time to give me some input!

  2. When your ph builds to just 6.6 and up your starting to slip in Iron and manganese, your issue is probably related to these two nutrients being minutely slipping in uptake.
    Thanks for the quick reply.  You think a good flush is in order?   They have not had one yet...
  4. Your plants look good, irregardless, that's your call, to flush or ph correction?
  5. I'm thinkin flush, then slowly start giving nutes again after some careful watching.  I will adjust pH a little low to try and give them balance.  Thanks for taking the time mmman.  I'd rep you but...
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    Your thinking, is what I'm thinking.
  7. Are u stilling having the same problem

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  8. Yea unfortunately.  Tried flushing, no food for two weeks, and tried a dose of epsom salt.  They have remained the same. Any ideas?
  9. I've been having the same problem outdoors and have done the same thing u have, tried flushing two weeks and the salt so I just pulled the bad ones and stop wasting my time.

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    Fuck, yea I was afraid I might have to do the same.  It's such a shame and a waste of time and space.  They are budding though, may just ride it out.  Next run I'm gonna pop some extra seeds in case of this and just get rid of the shitty looking ones.
  11. How's it budding, normal?

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  12. Seems to be so far just looks weird

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