Upstate...The new contender?

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  1. well I was always told if sounds too good to be true...then it prob is. I mean sounds great, a little too great...Largest yeilder, 6wk flowering,THC off the charts, and easy to grow. But if it were true, would be nice...just not the price, $350 OUCH.
  2. haha yeah 350 is rediculous. Every stat they have about it is perfect so it does seem somewhat fake.
  3. I knew a guy that had some of these upstate sent to him... Yeah 350 is a lot a flow but it looks like it may be worth if... even if they never specify any numbers! I can't wait to hear about these bad boys!
  4. If they enter it into the cup it will give us a more info. However it does not have to win the cup to be proven. We all must remember that the HTCC is very commercial and is dominated by very commercial seed banks. If it places in the top 3 of it's catagory, we will know it is legit. If it is the highest yielder of all times, it should win that catagory of the cup, same with the THC rating. Off the charts is not a good rating when it comes to THC. Many strains have high THC ratios; God Bud, Sex, Super Silver Haze, etc... all of these are in the mid to high 20's in THC content. To be off the charts would place it in the 30% range. Lets just wait and see how it does at the cup or wait for a grow report from some-one willing to pay the asking price.less
  5. i mean it is a little bit much to ask for seeds really isnt it... its not really fair to charge that sort of price for 10 seeds.. in fact its disgusting.....
  6. If what they say about it is true, then 350 just might be worth it. Just wait til someone here tries it and reports it. If no one, then wait for the cup!
  7. if its as good as they say it is i'd dish out the 300 dollars and clone it...eventually it would pay for itself
  8. ikd i dont like that site because it looks like my web design project that i worked on in 6th grade with dreamweaver lol.
  9. Looked at their site. The prices are really high! I also would drop 350$ if i knew the shit was legit. Alot of their seeds are over $200 I wonder if their genetics are that good? And if the reason they arent mentioned more on this forum is because of the price of their product ? They guarantee delivery......dunno, want to try them....but cant find a lot of info on them.
  10. I will maybe wait a year and try them in 2010, hopefully the price will drop a little, and I would really want to read some grower feedback before I shell out that much. Seeds are not even feminised.
  11. Most Canadian breeders charge high prices, as do the Canadian resellers. Why, I do not know b/c most of the truly great seed producer/breeders shut down or went deep underground b/c of the Emery situation. I would wait for the cup b/c if even half of what they say is true this strain would be a top 3 finisher.

  12. actualy i think upstatte is a great plant
  13. I just checked out that site and they have a strain called crystal storm that is $4995.00 for 5 seeds!!!! are u kidding me? And its sold out? WTF!!!
  14. Their Oracle Bud is $2,000 for 10 seeds too. :eek:

    Frankly, I don't care if these strains grow pure hash that can be licked off like fresh honey from a beehive; no seeds are worth that much to me...ever. I love cannabis as much as anyone else, but marijuana just isn't, nor ever will be, important enough to me to shell out that kind of money when I know I can get fantastic, and proven, strains for 1/20th that price. How would you even send $5,000 in the mail? :(
  15. that was a specil thing lol :)
  16. What he said....
  17. ROTFLMAO !!!

    have to agree.

  18. 100% pure hype.
  19. but it has been great for me seriously i got some going now ill put up somepics in afew weeks

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