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    okay so why is this happening [​IMG][​IMG]
    3 weeks old (was stunted as seedling)
    5 gallon smart pot
    30% Light Warrior 30% Happy frog 40% perlite
    400watt MH
    20 inches away
    20 hours on 4 hours off
    79 F
    45% humidity
    5 -7 days between waterings
    6.7-6.9 PH every water, runoff comes out the same
    2 fans (good airflow)
    has some slight yellowing between veins throughout the whole plant
    general organic nutrients. just got her first feeding yesterday, 1 gallon with 3ml calmag 3ml biothrive grow.
    the problem showed up about a week ago and started from the middle of the plant and now the top. she went through some stress as a sprout but i have no idea why her leaves are clawing up like this now.
  2. Could be dried out? Try watering if you havent already. Also are the fans always blowing on it?

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  3. i just watered her yesterday. yes she is always moving around, the fans are the only way i'm able to keep the temp down. could that be why?
  4. Because there is definitely such thing as wind damage. I dont know much about it but i know it dries out leaf's. Anyone else have an input?

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  5. for soil?.. [​IMG]
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  6. Yeah for soil . but thats a really in detail graph. So you're probably good

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  7. Wind burn will dry out leaves and make the crispy and pretty mangley looking. This isn't wind burn.
  8. She looks hungry.
    A gallon of water seems like a lot for her.
    My best guess is over watered and under fed.
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  9. Maybe light burn? If its not that then i really dont know whats wrong. Im sorry

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  10. she just got her first real watering yesterday, she's in a 5 gallon pot so i wanted to saturate all the soil when i water with nutes, that's why i went with 1 gallon. she 3 weeks old, about to preflower, she truly has about 7 nodes but her first 2 or 3 sets died. her strain just has smaller leaves and went through some stress. i wait at least 5 days before watering and they're always bone dry, she's not dropping like she's overwatered. there's slight yellowing that's why i gave her some grow fertilizer and some cal mag. the claw could be from being hungry?
  11. I am honestly not sure. I grow in coco and perlite. Id ask tbone shuffle.
    If it was me I'd try watering more often with less water. But I am still new as well. I think feeding her will show some improvements for you for sure. I have always started feeding from seed or clone. Lucas formula seems to work really well.
  12. I almost want to say it looks like some mild heat stress. But your temps are good. Try bringing the humidity up so the air circulating in there isn't so dry and warm. I try to keep my humidity around 55-65. You could try that and see if they liven up a little. Can't hurt.

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  13. nah not for soil soil should be 6.5-6.8 much lower you starf to lock out elements even at 6.2 you can lock out mag.

    could you be watering too much normally droop is due to too much water. when did this start and does she bounce back after a few days.

    wind burn normally makes the leave shrivel and dry

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  14. i wait 5-7 days to water, she's always very light and dry to the touch. her leaves aren't dropping, some of them have a claw going on, it's mostly top growth and some middle growth. the sides of her leaves are folding in like a upside down taco. they don't feel crispy, they feel healthy. she is a light green so i gave her a light feeding last water which contained cal mag too, (her first feeding). her happy frog soil is cut with light warrior seed starter, so i know it's not too much nutes. my temp stays 79 and below, so i don't think it's heat stress. she's only under a 400 watt and has three other sisters under it with her, and it's 20 inches away so i don't see how it could be light stress. i have no idea why her leaves are curling under, ever since they curled under they haven't gone back to normal, the problem occurred in the middle growth about two weeks ago.
  15. is the new growth healthy. issue with cannabis is she wont repair leaves but the new growth shoukd be healthy

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  16. yes. since i posted this she has grown two new nodes. they both came out very healthy, but one of the sets later started to curl in on the middle fingers. still have no idea.
  17. still happening?? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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