Upside down sprout??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by cristobal, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. My buddy up the street put a seed in a pot w/another plant about a week ago, and the seed itself actually sprouted up about a good 4 inches, with the stem going down into the soil as if the leaves sprouted underground!! Again, there's about a 4 inch stem but at the top is the seed instead of any vegetation sprouting.....we both think it's pretty weird....anyone had this happen or know why it did?? I'm assuming he put the pointy end of the seed up....
  2. thats how there suppost to work.. the small leaves com outa the seed. so if the seeds in the air that means that its prob stuck. ive had seeds get stuck be4

  3. Dude, take the shell off, very gentle, use an extra large pair of tweezers. It's going to rot, and die in there if you don't act now.
  4. if the op is serious I might have died inside just a little.

  5. lol. I did, die a little, writing about that.

  6. haha the 4 inches of "sprout" is root haha under the seed is the leaves

    its ok man, but if your buddy has another plant he should know that...
  7. Alright check it out.....i'm not stupid and neither is my buddy, there were definitely no leaves under the seed....knew we shoulda took a picture of it but I'm tellin you it wasn't normal at all, the stem was all weird too but whatever it's gone.

  8. haha its whatever

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