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  1. so yeah, my parents grow tomatoes and they bought some upside down Plant holder thing, supposedly makes the tomatoes "larger" which infact did. (some i couldnt even hold in one hand) think this would work with Cannabis also? considering the plant itself doesnt have to worry about getting a thick hearty stem, and can produce more branches and flowering spots.
  2. i saw this and was thoroughly intrigued so i did a lil research. looks like a few people have tried it but it isnt working. at a genetic level, the plants are told to go up so even if its planted upside down it will try to go up. it works with tomatoes cause they have soft pliable stems and the tomatoes are so heavy they pull the plant down. buds arent nearly as heavy and the stem isnt soft and flexable like tomatoes.

    im not fully convinced but that seems to be the result of 2 differnt grow attempts i found on the net.
  3. I don't know how the plant would handle it but the planters available in the stores would be too small for a big plant. Not enough root space, plus you have to water those things every single day.

  4. no, and no, with MJ, you water after i's dry, you're not supposed to keep the soil moist, and i dont know of any soil that drys in 24 hours, just sayin, and also, the one i have is like 4 gallons,

  5. eh, i'll try it indoors, i can probably manipulate the lighting enough to where it'll grow towards the light, (under it)
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    I've seen it done with 5 gallon buckets w holes cut n the bottom. Idk how he did it, but my old neighbor grew his bud hangin from the bucket's ass off a tree. At the time I was 15 and not rlly interested in bud so I was like "cool," but never asked questions. :hide:
  7. sounds like a whole lotta bullshit for a little bit of yield. why not just take better care of your mj plants instead of chasing fads?

  8. hahaha, a guy did that here, (kinda) but he had a huge 6footer chillin a tree i was like "how the fuck did it even last that long?!"
  9. how about you stop being a troll? i was just asking to see if it would increase yield, im an indoor grower and was jsut asking a legit question. it's not like i was planning on creating a whole fucking cartel sized field of hanging buckets. i was just going to try it with one plant. and "fad" who else is doing this?
  10. i wasn't trolling man! it just sounds like a legit waste of time to me. to each his own, grow it out then bud, show us the pics.

  11. i plan on it, probably with a sativa because of the stem thickness.
  12. Don't waste the time or space for this folly. If you are going to grow, use a pot or hydro. This is a gimmick to attract non gardeners to buy their product. You will not get a successful grow of any meaningful weight with this bag.
  13. I think you're right... From the grows I've seen, it looks arkward to say the least... maybe with some pruning and training it'd be better... probably not though... Still, fun to see people try new stuff, even or especially, when it doesn't work...


  14. Very true, i'll probably do more research, i'll probably stick to growing indoors like i am now
  15. I seen a thread here on Grasscity
    The guy had some haze in a topsitervi thing
    The tomato $hit
    It looked crazy at first but then it was like BAM
  16. ok, I stand corrected. The ones we use for tomato are maybe 2gal size and in the heat of the summer with no rain they will wilt like crazy if you skip one day of watering. But tomatos probably use a lot more water for the fruit then MJ would.

    MJ doesn't have the problems that tomatos have that are solved by growing in one of these. The big advantage for matos is that you don't need to stake them and all the fruit is up off the ground. I suspect that the MJ plant would just come out the bottom and turn upwards from there, that's what our pepper and mato plants did till the fruit pulled them down.

  17. Please put some pics up if you do so I can have a second opinion :p

  18. i will after this winter (oklahoma weather is a fucking bitch)

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