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upside down leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by topsykrets, May 5, 2009.

  1. my leaves have completely turned upside down, my pots get turned 1/4 turn every day. but many plants have leaves that have rotated on the stem 180 degrees and the bottom side is now facing the lamps
  2. Any other problems??? Why do you rotate them??? If they are nice and green, growing free... who gives a shit. Let em go... they're just getting freaky
  3. I rotate them daily so that they dont grow and lean torwards the hotspost (look at the stock at picture #1, it was on the outer edges of the light and grew towards it when I didnt rotate it)

    picture 2, is my upside down leaf

    yes there are other problems

    Im not trying to double post about the above topic

    but I think this is something that I think is different.....

    I love freaky plants!!:D

    does this happen to you with the upside down thing going on?

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  4. I believe this is isolated epinasty caused by rotating the plants. Auxins control phototropism by being more concentrated on darker sides causing cell elongation in higher concentrations.

    I did a high auxin spray once and all the leaves did this.

    If you want, you can lighly pinch the petiole of the leaf and rotate it back to its proper position. It doesnt matter much for bottom leaves..A
  5. I noticed you sais you had 4x 600W MH. 4 of them!!!????? Or just one? How do you have them hung? With this much light, you really shouldn't have to rotate...

    The bug thing, Ive never dealt with. My guess on why they keep coming back is the problem isnt only with the plants. Wherever your grow room is, it probably has an infestation. Try finding the source.
  6. I do have 4 of thoes bad boys!!!! I dont want by babies to have to look for lumens:D

    but I have the new seedlings (20 plants) under 1 of the 4

    the other 3 lamps are on the rest of the 18 plants

    as for hanging, I have the high/lo yo-yo style hangers mounted on moveable racks attachet to the celing. they are all air cooled so I have ducting everywhere!
  7. bugs, fungal gnats.

    they have infested my soil. and hatch new babies every few days:mad:

    the neem oil is slowly getting rid of them!
  8. Well,... how did they infest the soil in the first place?......... Did u mix your own soil with unsterilized parts?....... Or was the soil you used just screwy? Or is there an infestation somewhere near your room?

    Shity deal.

    Actually, because of "people stopping by" I was forced to move my growroom to a buddys house.... We added our lights together and he was happy to help. WELL, 2 days ago, he said he found bugs in his soil. (tiny ones he described as looking like aphids) He harvested his because they were close to finishing anyways. I am keeping mine in the box. No signs of anything in my soil... but I have about a month to go, and I am slightly ...concerned. These are some sweet lookers. each have 8 - 12 tops the size of my huge dick... and hella popcorn. I don't know whether to move em home, or keep em there. Keeping them there is way more conveinent, being as though I would have to invest in an odor control device I definately cannot afford... as well as lost space since the move.

    Since I only have approx. 1 month left till cut time... I see no issues in my soil yet... should I be concerned? Will it give them enough time to do any harm?......

    I really know nothing about indoor pest issues.... HELP APPRICIATED
  9. Lots of times there is a shit ton of these little mites. They just eat detritus (compost). Adding organic matte will make a lot of these things
  10. Right. But they DONOT just magically appear. There is no evolution 101 that happens. They have to have gotten to the soil in the 1st place. How?
  11. Fungus gnats usually just come in through the front door or window, but will almostl certainly show up by having stuff outside. They are almost never anything but a nusance.

    Soil mites come from soil or containers being on the ground outside. These guys are (usually) composters and are neutral to plant health.

  12. good info.....

    my garden is in the basement, and I even shower before I enter the basement (jorge cervantes's reccomendation taken a bit further) I used fox farms soil and my nursery stored the soil outdoors, Im sure thats where they came from.

    I think I may have killed them off, as I have not seen any in 2 days. Im going to treat with neem one last time to be sure.

    back to the subject about the upside down leaves....

    one of those "freaky" plants, has a crazy stock! Ill have to take a picture tomorrow and post, cause its lights out for my ladies. they just started the 12/12, so I dont feel like I get to hang out with them as much :( but Ill post pictures tomorrow

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