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Upset stomach...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SoftPillow, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Smoke some weed?

    Does it just make it not feel upset, or does it actually help it get better?

    Or does the fact that I won't be nauseated allow me to eat in order to get nutrients in order to help my body fight off the virus?

    Help please :).
  2. i have pretty severe stomach problems and out of all the medication i have taken in the past, marijuana helps the most by far.

    excellent stomach pain reliever and appetite stimulator
  3. Smoke a little and see how you feel. DOn't over do it though. If you feel good enough to eat then go eat and if you want to get higher after than do that. In the end your going to survive no matter what.
  4. I use weed sometimes to counter the upset stomic problems associated with alcohol.
  5. I had severe stomach pain every day for a year and 1/2, weed was the only thing that helped the pain
  6. Weed is amazing for upset stomachs and hangovers.
  7. Pepto works good. Better than weed, imo. The two together, even better :)

    For hangovers, weed all day.
  8. I went pepto and weed, and my mom is having a 'mother day' because I'm home, and made me food, then we did yoga together. I've never even done yoga before.

    Yoga + High + Mom = ...hahahaha. Being high is good.
  9. Man sometimes my bong makes me feel like greened out, I get like nauseated and smoking another bowl always helps. :smoke:
  10. Smoke a little bit to get your appetite up, then get some food in to make you feel better
  11. Yo man I don't know if you are supposed to be advertising your website in your signature.

  12. Yeah, to think about it most of my stomach aches are always like, I'm hungry as shit but it hurts so I can't eat, and part of the reason it hurts is because I haven't eaten.

    And I think mostly everyone knows the ganja is great for appetite loss, or better known as the munchies.

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