Upset and lonely :/

Discussion in 'General' started by greenhemp46, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Will someone PLEASE talk to me? sorry to be a downer, but i feel like absolute shit right now and i just want to not feel so freaking alone...
  2. Whats up dude, I'll talk about just about anything.
  3. Hey, and thanks :) i like your avatar.. i have that saved on my computer lol... it sounds really stupid, but after waiting for someone for quite a while to get online, i get tired of waiting, and i missed them and it bugged me out... wanna go get high but im afraid id wake people up around here, the doors are so freaking noisy haha
  4. Don't worry, the only person who can make you feel any way is yourself. Make the most out of your time alone, put on your favorite tunes and just veg.

    And it doesn't sound that stupid, I probably had nights like yours for the same reasons in the past.
  5. Hey what's up whatcha doing now? I'm just listening to June 27 by dj screwand Trollin the forums.
  6. [​IMG]

    He feels you
  7. Nothing better then smoking a bowl to drift away from reality :bongin: Yea I know what you mean by waiting around though, it pisses me off when someone says they'll be there at a certain time and they're two hours late. It's like it's one thing to call and say you'll be a little late but then it's another to just completely not show up. I know you meant for someone to get online but I just had to rant about that, haha. :smoke:

  8. Thanks :) that really made me feel a bit better, listening to Pandora and tryin to relax..

  9. cool, listening to Shinedown on pandora and surfin the forums as well

  10. yeah it made me feel worse that i missed the person, i got pretty upset with myself.. :eek:
  11. Cool stuff, cool stuff. I love pandora its my favorite music site.

  12. haha i love lilo and stitch :p

  13. mine too :)
  14. I haven't used Pandora in years, maybe I should make a station out of the music I've been listening to recently and see what pops up.

    I'm also having a really dull night. Wednesdays always suck.
  15. i really appreciate it you guys, youre all awesome, i feel a lil better already :)

  16. Pretty sure most everybody has been in your position, it happens, we all move past it.

  17. Anything to help, I love cheering people up, it makes me that much happier with myself. :)
  18. Me too man, that's how I turned into an AIM therapist. Or at least that's how it seems. :D
  19. fuck man im kinda lonley too.

    One of my friends got new girl, so he's over in fuckin LaLa land all the time. He constantly makes out with her in front of us and he's gotten kinda arrogant, acting like he's higher than us cuz he's got a girl.

    My other friend is the opposite, a debbie downer that always focuses on the negatives of shit.

    Then my other friend just likes to get messed up everyday. He's chill but I personally don't like getting messed up every single night....

    And yo to be honest idk if I like my friends girl. Shes an artsy girl and shes kinda odd...she keeps our beer bottle caps for some reason. Says shes gonna make a sculpture or some shit.

    She says shes gonna bring hot friends around for us, but I bet they're all artsy too. I don't think she likes me much either so i doubt shes puttin in any kinda good word in about me. I'm not really down with their scene...

    Feels like i'm in limbo right now. This biatch kinda ripped my group of friends apart....i mean maybe its not her fault, i think its my friend thats the bitch. Shouldn't let a girl change you that much. Its like he's a different person.

    Ah well, for now i'm just gonna focus on my jiu jitsu and playin mad sports and shit. Maybe a nice girl will fall into my lap.

    Laptops dying and the chargers somewhere over there ==> fuck that lol i'm goin to sleep

    peace man have a good night

  20. I've considered being a therapist cause I feel I have good advice, but it may just be that I'm always high and think it's good when its really not. Either way it's not going to happen.

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