Ups than dowwwnnnsss....I got fired today, find out why

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    Awesome day today, seriously awesome.

    I got uber baked before I left for work, literally I was thinking "fuck, I don't wanna go to work now, I'm high I wanna...." As soon as I show up there's a couple cars that need some cleaning up. :hello: Now I can be high zone out and listen to the radio and enter the great world of music and the easy duty of washing cars.

    Here's the upper of the day

    Now, for the last 2 days, my local radio station (107.7 the end) is giving away Sasquatch tickets, which is a sold out festival with some amazing bands playing, A lot of them I missed my chance seeing live and now this is like a second chance. Well I was just getting back from the gas station when I heard the "que to text" I send my text. HOLY SHIT!!!! I'm the 107th texter...I WON I FUCKING WON tickets to Sasquatch. I was so excited, I was jumping up and down and left and right screamin like a little girl in front of a salesman and he's lookin at me like what the fuck???

    Here's the downer

    After winning the tickets, I was like "oh shit Memorial day weekend," I need to go tell my boss I'm not coming in. So I ran up there, the salesman that watched me was already telling the whole dealership about it. So I just said "I need that weekend off."

    He's like "okay, well it's the busiest weekend of the year."

    I honestly don't care I've been working at that toilet for 4 years to get a $1 raise in that time. I went from 10/hour back in 06 to 11/hour as of May 1st.

    So he's like "find somebody to cover your shifts" I find out the only guy who can cover the shifts is already gonna be gone, oh well. I ran back up to tell him I can't find anybody.

    He's like, "well, I'm sorry, you can't go, I can't give you those days off"

    I simply said, "well I really don't care, first off, you can't say that I can't do anything, I'm not a slave, dick. Secondly I'm going and that's the bottom line and you can fire me come the following Tuesday if you want."

    Harry (boss) "Don't, threaten me"

    Me: "I'm not, I'm simply telling you what the reality is and what IS going to happen, and I am going to not come in that weekend."

    Harry: "you just want to pack it up now than and call it done, why don't you just go home."

    Me: Fine.

    Those were the last words I said to him. And now I can move on to plan B which is filing a complaint with WA states L & I service for the company not paying out it's employees OT pay, they pay us straight pay for OT. Which is illegal. :devious: I'm going to bring that place to it's knees and they are going to suck my dick as if it belonged to Zeus himself.:devious:

    My wrath is much to be feared. Employees (not just me) there have been getting screwed at that place for god knows how long, that time has come to an end. 20+ years of hard work from the family that created the butchering prison will crumble and they will be left with nothing.....I hope.
  2. i see this as all ups and no downs. you are no longer in a shitty job and can now open yourself up to a new place of work! :D
  3. Burn the house down! I hope you saved your pay stubs and also hope you have some former co-workers to have your back.
  4. I am so jealous that you won tickets. How many did you win?
  5. hahaha suck your dick as if it belongs to zeus. thats a good one. :hello:
  6. dont want to kill the vibe but it kinda seems like you fired yourself. I dont know anyone that could talk to their boss like that, call them a dick and stuff, and NOT get fired. but at least you got sasquatch tickets? lol
  7. damn man dont take this personally but u sound like an asshole. he is your boss and he can fire u if he pleases, and tbh he has a good excuse. the excuse being that u dont want to show up for work. damn with my business if any employee wants to skip work and fuck around then im gonna fire them. im assuming out of all of this u will also want some kind compensation and becuz this country has fallen to its knees and is now sucking the dicks of other shittier countries u will prolly get paid.
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    EXACTLY!!! My man...+rep for you noticing that. My whole working life I've never quit a job, I can't it's too hard for me to leave my co-workers down like that, by my choice, but if it's my bosses choice, I've never cared. I know that sounds fucked up but it makes sense in my head. They'll call me within the next couple of days or so asking me if I'm done with my attitude or whatever he'll come up with...When they fire people at this dealership, it's more like a "time-out." Harry (my boss) will realize sooner that he made a mistake, he will. Except I won't be so merciful.

    And about the whole calling him a dick, that's just how the place is...It's a very unprofessional working environment. but that's also why a lot of employees like it there, it's casual. The rest of em hate the unprofessionalism.
    Well you're quick to judge aren't ya. Can't say I blame ya, most people are.

    And no you're assumptions are wrong. I'm not filing a lawsuit, I'm filing a complaint. I want L & I to be aware of this man, not my direct boss Harry, but the owner, the man who spent most of his childhood with nothing, and built his tiny little empire, I'm gonna watch it least I want to. I ask for no compensation. As soon as they go over his books he'll be shut down...I mean I alone have 4 years, 4 years of unpaid OT. 4 years, that's a lot, and that's just me, think of the guy next to me that's been there for 9 years. Or all of his employees that he hasn't paid OT, anybody whose ever worked there with unpaid OT. They have records of ALL of them for at least the last 15 years or so.

    Sure people have to work, but what's the point if you can't have some fun every once in awhile??:confused_2: Know how many times I've called in sick there? Zero. No how many times I complain on the job? zero. Know how many times I've asked for vacation? zero. I'm always on time, I do an excellent job there. Anybody that works there will tell you that, even my boss would tell you that. I've always tried to go above and beyond for that place, even though I disliked it. Do I care I got fired? Nope. I'd rather work for somebody will appreciate my good work ethics.

    Would I care if you fired me...Probably not.

    I just wanted to go to my music festival. TBH I feel like he made it a bigger deal than it really was. He could've made things work. He's just fat and lazy and a drunk.

    All weekend passes for two, 4 woulda been cool but, 2 will work.
  9. I have every single pay stub even a few monster ones that won't look too good for him. Even though I don't technically need them. I may have a few select ex employees, but I haven't talked to anybody about this who currently work there. I keep my rebellions hush hush.
  10. congrats.
  11. Damn thats gonna be a killer festival...I wanted to fly up there but its gonna be too pricey
  12. so what are you going to do after the concert, with no job?
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    Yes, it will be totally worth it

    Hahaha excellent question.

    I don't know actually. I mean technically I have no job right now. I have some money saved up that will get me by for a little while after that who knows. I was thinking maybe this is just one of those times that you get a small break from working. I've already applied for about 5 or 6 jobs...I don't know if I'll take any of em at the moment but I'm putting myself out there.

    One of my friends/x-co worker said I should just go tell him that I'm 'planning' to file my compliant with L & I and the owner would most likely cut me a check for like 8-10k and make me sign a bunch of shit saying that I won't communicate about this 'complaint' ever again, in or around his work place. And I wouldn't be allowed in or around his workplace ever.

    I could totally see him doing this too. Paying me 8-10k to shut my ass up would be a hell of a lot cheaper than getting busted for not paying OT out to employees. There was a sexual harassment issue that came up with a receptionist and she went to him telling him the situation and that she was going to file a lawsuit against the company, well, he gave her a check for about 50k she signed a bunch of legal documents pretty much saying what I wrote up there. Both her and the salesman accused were terminated, only she left with a 50k in her pocket.

    It makes sense to me to do it that way, except it's extortion, well, unless it's 'his' idea I suppose, I would just be facilitating it. Now I'm all confused, that would save a lot of my friends their jobs. Hmmm, something to think about I guess.
  14. yea just find a new job n get that check from your doushebag manager haha
  15. should totally take me with you considering you live in WA right?
  16. You got weed money saved up?
  17. I grow my own, don't need weed money.
  18. Hey man ill fly from florida if you gimme one of those tickets xD. Jk But congrats on winning and i hope you bring them to their knees and make them suck your dick over them firing you and not paying that OT.
  19. hahaha thanks. I've really been thinking about the whole extortion thing, not for my personal benefit but if I make this known to L&I and the owner can't afford to pay all the taxes on the OT he never paid as well as the OT and he gets shut down, a lot of my friends will loose their jobs, that's not really cool. I fully believe he deserves it for trying to be so "conservative," but I don't want my friends to be fuked out of work. A lot of those people actually depend on that place to put food on the table for their families. I don't, so that's why I don't care and that's what they failed to see.

    Anyway I'm gonna call L&I in a little bit and ask a few questions than go from there.
  20. Nice plan, dude :D have fun at that concert

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