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  1. What are the ups and downs of hooking up with a lot of girls who are interested in me? Some are friends and texting me at the same time too. I really am not the type to be an asshole like this at all, but there's lots of people interested. Girls with boyfriends, etc. I consider some of them friends too..

    Tl;Dr should I fuck every girl that wants the D? What are the positives and negatives? Loss of friendship, boost of confidence, etc?

    I'm on my phone and I'll update this later.
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    After a while you get very lonely and empty, and you look for a real relationship and get one, if it's not too late.

    EDIT: And to agree with the person below, it's all up to you man, whatever floats your boat but you can't chase pussy around forever.
  3. It can get pretty boring after a while. You get a reputation of your own after a while if you live in a small enough city.

    Simple answer, give it a go. If you like it, you like it; if you don't, you haven't really lost anything...
  4. The two people who I would probably start on are my buddies girlfriends two friends. They're really cool people and I'm friends with both of em. That'll make some nice problems don't you think?
  5. Does your one buddy have two girlfriends? :p
    But seriously, what if one of your friends did that to you? Kinda depends on how much you care about the guy and how close he is to you. Would you be okay with losing him?
  6. Dont fuck your friends over like that I dont know where you are from but where I live that kind of thing will get you 6ft under and know one wants that now.

  7. Lol it's one of my best friends, it wouldn't be bad I just couldn't ever hang out with him again if she is with him because her friends are constantly around, and I'm not sure if you read it right but its his girlfriends two best friends lol

  8. fuck them all if they all want you, why are you even questioning it! just ,ake sure they all know ur fuckin other girls ore u could end up with a few psychos on your case!

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