UPS Adult Signature Required? Help!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by tuna42, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I ordered a Silver Surfer off, and it was supposed to be delivered today but i was in class. What worries me is that the UPS slip says "Adult signature required 21+" and I'm 19 and don't have a fake or anything... Does anyone know if they usually take id? Or is it just so that someone is definitely there to sign for it, and they don't actually check id? I'm pretty worried about it...

    Besides, it's supposed to be an herbal/tobacco product right? I should be able to buy this shit legally!
  2. More than likely you sign the little thing and the deliverer gives you the package. There's no ID process...
  3. lol you just sign for it and he leaves man dont trip
  4. gotvape sucks. i orders a GonG attachment 3 weeks ago and its still on backorder even though they said they had more than 10 available.

    OP, just sign and vape
  5. why would it be 21+ its for "tobacco" use not alcohol use
  6. that's what i was thinking

    i'm probably just buggin out
  7. If all else fails, punch him in the neck
  8. Lol sig material.
  9. Ya I mean if he really does say no to you. Just be like look man, ill give you $20 and you can pretend im 21. I mean its a fucking mailman, they should be pretty understanding.
  10. i signed ups slips when i was 9 lol..

    i doubt you`ll get a douche.
  11. I just got denied my volcano by the ups guy because im not 21. such bs
  12. Can't you just sign it and say its for your parents but they're not home right now?
  13. not really it has my name on it, and i live in an apartment in a college town. yesterday when the ups guy came to our complexes main office one of the girls that works in the office called me and said she couldnt sign for it only I could. When I tried he carded me, i just thought for id be he checked my dob and said cant release it. im just gonna wait for a reply from the company i bought from, which will be monday. hopefully they can talk with ups and remove the 21 bs, if not ill just get my money back and order from elsewhere, or just have it sent to my girl next time since shes 21, i would have had her order it in the first place if i knew this was going to be a problem. why would you require the signature of someone 21 for something you need to be 18 to buy. so fubar
  14. [ame=]YouTube - Buggin' Out - A Tribe Called Quest[/ame]

  15. That is and complain.

  16. I just gave your fuck ass another dot, dood.

    yeah just walk out and sign for the package, they never ask for ID unless you look like a child, maybe?
  17. i doubt dude with take the package back into his truck just because youre not old enough.
  18. I'm waitin til monday so I can talk to the vape company I bought from, hopefully they can deal with UPS and get it fixed. The best part is I was going to order from storz & bickel us, but there site says they only sell to 21 and older no minors, so i went to the people i ordered from, no where did it say that I had to be 21. its just annoying seeing the box with my expensive ass vape in it but not getting it handed over to me. and also WTF 21? 18 means not a minor, 21 means no drink in this country, ****!
  19. well it happened. :hello:
  20. 1. Get in contact with one of your 21+yo friends.

    2. Call UPS and tell them you are going to send down your "designated recipiant", and tell them the name of your friend.

    3. Send friend down to UPS, to get your package.

    4. Either pay him $20 for the effort, or smoke him out. Whichever he prefers.

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