Upper/lower Respiratory Infectons and marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by Chaosult, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Hello there.

    It seems to me that i'm prone to getting URI's. Usually when I go to the doctor for this, they prescribe me some sort of antibiotic.

    Obviously smoking anything can't be good for any part of the resipratory tract, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with treating upper respiratory infections or lower resipratory infections with marijuana.
    I know mj has been described as an expectorant, but does this apply to marijuana that is consumed in food as well?

    What was your illness? In what way did you use marijuana when sick with the URI/LRI? How did marijuana help?

  2. I've heard/read it more than once that smoking pot certainly doesn't help with URI, and that long term use of pot can lead to more of them.

    Here's my two cents: I have asthma. Not the "OMGIMGONNAHAVEANATTACKANDDIEWITHOUTMYPUFFER" type asthma. It's a chronic (heh) cough I get in the colder months. But hitting the bong aggrivates it and makes it worse, seeing as it's bigger gulps of smoke you take in when using a bong. So I try and smoke joints instead, but they take too much work and I suck at them :D
  3. sorry cant really help with your question but my lungs are killing me after using my bong a few days ago and my friend has a vapo brothers so i think i will be using that a lot more now.
  4. I believe marinol tabs and suppositories have been used to help people with asthma and various other respitory problems. I do not have the time right this second to go look up the links for the stuides, but I will try to remember when I'm finished with work. Smoking the buds isn't going to be the best for you, but I do believe after reading that marijuana can help you. You should do some searching on Cannabis and URI. Once I have some extra time I'll try to find some links for you.
  5. Marijuana activley relaxes the Bronchius and can assist in asthma and bronchitis.

    I've used it very lightly to help a Bronchitis infection awhile back.

    I wouldn't really recommend it, antibiotics will hel you 10 fold and the marijuana is a catch 22, with the THC relaxing your bronchius, but the smoke further irritated it.
  6. the answer to all your problems is to vaporize. You get the bronchiol dialation of marijuana and no irritation from the smoke. You can't go wrong
  7. A very good treatment for respiratory infections is Tulasi-Holy Basil Caps, which is Indian origin plant, natural and ayurvedic approved. I have always used natural plants to get treatment of my skin problems and when I tried Tulasi during my respiratory infections period, I had to admit that it helped me a lot lot lot. So it will do to you all. Good luck!

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