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Uplifting Nutella

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by otroo, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. So I got this from playing around
    Here is what you need:
    Nutella, Coconut oil weed. Once this comes out of the fridge you can eat it lit a chocolate bar or with a spoon.

    First I decarbed my weed at 300 degrees for twenty minutes. Used a little over 2 grams.

    In a microwave safe bowl put two heaping teaspoons of Nutella in along with on heaping tablespoon of coconut oil in the bowl.

    Heat it up for one minute in the microwave and mix it all up until blended.


    Put your weed in the mix and mix it all up.


    Now place the bowl in the fridge to harden up. Now you can pour the mix into mold but I am lazy. Well my candy is hardened up and ready to eat.


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  2. My Nutella candy bar.


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  3. Wow that's sweet, I might try this with a product that doesn't contain palm oil.
  4. I need to save this so I can make some when I can return to weed. Looks delicious.

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  5. I have coconut oil already infused with cannabis. I usually make fruity pebble treats. It's just too easy. Half a cup of oil melted with some marshmallows, then stir in the cereal (just like rice crispy treats), lay in pan & pat down to be even. PERFECT treats.
    And those are my usual "medibles."
    I was wondering if I took that already infused coconut oil & did this mixing with Nutella, would it still come out the same? I can't think why not.
    Been thinking the same thing.
    This looks interesting.  Maybe better with whipping cream instead of the canned milk.


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