Upgrading from Phototron to a Custom Box *help w/ plans

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Dubels, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. I used a Phototron for my first experiment growing because I got the Phototron for $150. I want to expand my project and I want to build something:p. So next time I am making a custom box 3W X 2L X 4.5H with a 250w HPS. Also five custom computer fans four (1 exhuast, 3 intake (2 pointing directly on the light)) running on a LCD Computer temperature fan control unit which will turn on the fans when the temp. around the light runs to high or the temp around the one of the other 2 sensors get too high, and one exhaust running 24/7 to create negative pressure to draw in co2. The fans would all be powered by a computer power supply this whole setup is only going to cost me $40. For the grow media I plan to use a 6 plant hydroponics setup. The walls of this box are going to be covered by Mylar. If I dont sell my Phototron I am either going to use it to start the veg cycle or take it apart and use the 3 40w floro lights and place them on the sides of my box. I want to run 40w floro lights on the side of my box but some people say its not needed and that it'll be too expensive. We'll just have to see what happens to my Phototron. What do you guys think about my plans?

    How powerfull of a pump do I need if I am running an 14 gallon res. 6 plant bubble hydro setup? The setup that I bought has a pump already but I have a feeling that for the price I paid I might need a better pump. I have seen pumps around that are 200GPH for $17. Should I look into upgrading?

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