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  1. Roots equal fruits as the old saying goes. So with this in mind i was interested in what size pots the GC growers use.

    I use a 5.5 gallon /25litre autopot. But as growers we naturally experiment in ways to increase yields. Pots are obv a great way to do this. I reg pull 7 oz from 1 plant in my set up, now this is fine as its all personal smoke but iv been thinking of ways to increase yields an what seems to be the most cost effective way is to get a bigger pot.

    Now as i use an auto pot , if you are unfamiliar with these its basicly a very simple gravity fed hydro feeding system. The pot and valve connect to a res for continuous bottom feeding. The problem i have is 25l/5.5 gallon pots are the biggest they do and the tray that the pot sits in is designed specifically for that size pot.

    Iv been looking at a way around this by looking at different systems but couldnt find anything bigger than 6 gallons. Until i came across this little beauty hidden on auto pots own site.
    easy2GO Kit | AutoPot Watering Systems UK

    It essentially sits in any larger tray and thus takes the need away to rely on their specific pot and sizes. I can now upgrade to a bigger pot and potentially a bigger yield while still being able to use the autopot system.

    I was looking at doubling my pot size or trippling my pot size. What size pots would experienced growers recommend ? Also i was wondering if i could go a bit deeper and use an airpot in this system.

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. Yo onthemooch,
    I've been wanting to try the easy2go as well and this is what I'm thinking...
    I try and shoot for 1 plant per light, so I'm thinking I'll put an easy2go in each of my 24" saucers and planting in a 15 gal roots pot to leave plenty of room for the units.
    I use organic soil so I'm thinking just raising the perlite to 50-60% of the mix, and using plain water in the res,
    Will be sure to let you know if I embark on this mission.

  3. In time you will learn all the grow action with roots is in the first 4 inches of the soil,

    with the latter being no deeper than 8-16 inches. depending on size...

    one thing I can remenber from my mentors is weed don't like wet feet...

    as you are risking serious root rot etc

    yeah sure go the big pot but keep clear of having your roots in permanant water

    good luck

    ps yeiled is a more personal grow method thing

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