Upgrade From 150W - 250W Hps In A 2X2X4 Tent?

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    I currently run a 2x2x4 Secret Jardin tent with a 150w hps and 4, 23w cfls hanging from extension cords. I like to have 2 plants at a time but this 150w just isn't producing the yields I'm looking for.
    I've considered upgrading to a 250w hps with a cool tube reflector, but the problem I came across was that I couldn't find a cool tube reflector that could fit in my tent. Most of the reflectors I found were 2x2 on their own so that would leave no room at all for ducting on the cool tube.
    Can anyone think of a solution for this dilemma?

  2. anyone?
  3. thanks for the advice man!

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