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    We have performed an upgrade 3.7.2 of vbulletin tody,

    going to be a small learning curve again, but it wil be worth it, we will be able to make social groups, tagging of threads, more personlized CP pages and much more, also the new forums categories have been put online.

    New categories plus subcategories are: The Big Picture, Lifestyle, Politics, Harvesting & Processing

    to get yourself all fully know with the new features please read this:

    vBulletin 3.7.0

    Today, the vBulletin team is proud to declare version 3.7.0 to be our stable, supported release.

    There are many new features and improvements to existing functionality in vBulletin 3.7.0 over vBulletin 3.6.x, most of which have already been described in the release announcements for the various pre-release versions, and in the First Look thread that was posted at the beginning of the beta process, but here is a brief list of just a few of the highlights.

    There is still a small improvement we hav to make on one of the style sheets, so that the member info, gets back to he left colum, instead on top of each post, this will be done tomorrow!

    Enoy and I hope it will make the city, bigger, bettr, stronger and most of all more fun for all of us!



    IMPORTANT: please if you see bugs or stuff that does not work, please put it in this thread, thanks!!!
  2. hell yeah superjoint shit's looking bomb.

    On befalf of all blades, that you. :D
  3. everytime this forum updates i get all scared, confused and cold :(

    and it always happens right after i smoke

    edit: oh yeah you can't embed videos anymore ?
  4. Thanks a lot Superjoint!

    We appreciate all the hard work!:)

    I kinda like the way the info is on the top of every post.
  5. i like it all, except, is there a way to delete the automatic title making wen u post? like Re:upgrade forum, new features? i dont like having it much, and i sopose im just a little to lazy to delete it every post:eek:

    otherthan that really, fuckin kickass great job guys!
  6. This is kinda cool...... getting used to it.

    I like the look.
  7. These updates are great bro I'm already gettin' used to it! I made a new social group everyone called BLunt Kings, if you're a blunt lover come join!
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about it,I'm definately going to have to get used to it.
  9. I am also going to have to get used to it. It seems pretty cool tho.
  10. Geez! Talk about a wig out! We finished dinner and then I came here fully expecting the forums to still be down and now I'm all confused. :p

    :D We're going to have a lot to get used to.

    It's also going to take time to move threads and stuff. :)
  11. No kidding, I hope I can learn all new features...
  12. Nice, 3.7 is a great version. My only complaint and this goes for vB in general that I think "About Me" followed by "Statistics" should be shown before anything else on the user profile.
  13. Hi RMJL and SJ,

    I just notices Harvesting and Processing was spelled "Harvesting and Procesing" needs another "s", just so you guys know.
    EDIT: In the same forum, in the description, it say rsin instead of resin.
  14. :( , it's a bug, going to be the old way tomorrow, sorry ....
  15. fixed, thanks!

  16. Bro, I posted an all-informative thread in the Apprentice Smokers forum it'd be great if you could sticky it? :smoke:
  17. I got your PM and will check it out.

    Just a little FYI...I'm not a bro. I'm a chick. :D

  18. :eek: Totally my bad Sis :D THanks for checkin' it out though and yeah I'm gonna add more later, goin' somewhere now but I'm pretty sure my Insomnia will keep me from goin to sleep so Ill fix it up when everyone else is sleep @ like 2 AM lol
  19. I'm going to have to chug some caffeine so I can stay awake tonight to explore all of the new things and... ::sigh:: ...move threads. YAY!!! :hello: Moving threads is my favorite thing ever!

    Do we have a sarcastic smiley???


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