Upgrade carbon filter for kushes? / Is one 400W enough? / How to cool tube more?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hempton44, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. (1.) Growing 6 plants. (2. Lemon OG Kush, (1. NLBlue, (1. Vanilla Kush, (1. Kandy Kush, (1. Blue Widow.. (1.) 160 CFM fan, (1.) 220 CFM filter. 6x4x8 foot closet. Will this be enough to eliminate smell in flower at least 90%?

    (2.) Will one MH and one HPS be enough if I LST and top them?

    (3.) I have a hot spot in my cool tube. It's warm to the touch except for one 4-6 inch diameter spot that's scorching. It seems as though the right side of my cool tube doesn't have much air blowing out of it. I was thinking of getting a 240 CFM duct booster for $30 off ebay. Would this solve my heat spot problem? When I had my fan sucking air from the cool tube and pushing it into the carbon filter sitting at the top of the closet, no heat problems. With the door closed I had a consistent 83.3 temp. Doing it the opposite way where air is being sucked from the filter, all the way through and out the tube, I have a good 85-86 temp. I haven't implemented an oscillating fan yet, I'm trying to get my odor problem down before I spend money

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