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  1. New updates on the grow...

    4 1/2 weeks in...



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  2. More pics... diff views...


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  3. Another one...


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  4. hmm they seem to be browning a bit on the ends of the lower leaves. Either fert problems, or not getting enough light on those lower leaves.

    I would suggest tying down the upper leaves to get light down low.
  5. Always nice to see pics.


    Looking purdy!
  6. HIGH All, Mr.HIGHway from CW has a good write on
    nute deficiencies.

    Nice plants and keep us posted on how things grow.
  7. Thanxx for the comments guys...

    Ive used some ferts but not really much...
    I want to start using ferts... this plants is about 14 inches tall right now...

    I have schultz liquid plant food... 10-20-10
    and also Fish Emulsion that 5-1-1


  8. i would lay off any ferts till your plant gets its healthy green color back.....other than that it looks good.
  9. Looking good, nice and bushy, i see.
  10. can you gety us a pic of the lower leaves by themselves?.....looks like a nitrogen defficency, with the yellowing an all........but if the vains are still green and the rest of the leaf is yellow then it could be a potassium or zink problem..........Peace out........Sid
  11. Ill get some pics of the lower leaves posted on friday...

    Crazy shit... I found a wind scorpion next to my plant yesterday... I have no idea how it found its way in my closet, wind scorpions are basically scorpion without the tails... there nasty looking little buggers.... I killed the fucker immediatlly, before it could post any threat to my crop...

    til the next update...


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