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  1. Its been about a month since I posted the first pics of my plants. Heres #1:

    MALE...Dead now

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  2. Heres #2

    Male...dead now

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  3. Heres #3...Thank god I planted this one, it was only an expirement and its my only female. Here I was planning on 2 LBS. now I will settle for 5 oz's.

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  4. Well shit man, sorry to hear about what happened... Your females plant looks nice though! Just curious to know what the age on her is and if she is budding yet?
  5. They all were 3 1/2 months old the first plant was 6 ft tall the second 5 ft and the third about 4 ft. The female pic in the male female post I started in the pic section is her. I'll give it a month and post another of its buds
  6. Why don't you go down to the Home Depot or other nursery and buy some rooting hormone. Snip off a little branch from your female, stick it in the hormone, and stick it in some potting mix. You may wind up with another female or two. If you have bannana trees growing around the house, you should have enough daylight and heat to maybe squeeze another small plant this year. Heck, its worth a shot!
  7. Get some clones going,,,,what's to lose.....could only gain more females,, as BPP said,,it's worth a shot...


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