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updateon me life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by atticsmoker122, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. just thought i tell my fellow blades what goin on with ole attic smoker... well i got a "ladyfriend".. she cooks, cleans, fucks:)wave:), and helps tend to the grow(witch is going great!!!). but we arent dating or getting married and dont plan to... we just understand what we needfrom eachother and enjoy eachother very much.... this girl can rip a bong like any man i know. haha ive mostly gotton over the passing of my baby doggie sky (died of nat. causes), and my new puppie and lux (who ive always had) great me everyday with a smile... just throught id tell some blades how happy i am and love our beautiful herb:)

    happy smokin:smoke:
  2. Glad to hear everythings going great! Always puts me in a better mood to see someone else is happy, so i thank you for that.
  3. thats good man, keep on keepin on.
  4. Glad everything is going well for ya =]
  5. life is good....
  6. must be the season, just acquired a new friend with bennies myself. 3 days into a T-Break now but other than that, everythings great over here also. Got to love all the positive energy. :D

  7. positive vibes! lol

    nice dude glad your feeling good, i have been as well lately, which is suprising! lol :wave:
  8. Glad you're doing better mang, goood vibes all around!
  9. I'm happy for ya dude. Keep takin' it easy.
  10. sounds like some good times, i'm happy for yah!

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