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    I am going on a first date with a girl today that I met through someone I work with.

    I am planning on going to a sushi place that someone recommended to me, I've never had sushi before and she probably never has either. I figure if we both think its disgusting then it will be something we can laugh about and it shouldn't be a big problem. But maybe it will turn out to be good and we both find something new that we like together. What do you think (ladies especially), sushi on a first date, good idea or no?


    Well, we went out and had a fun date, I don't want to get into the details or I'll feel like a weirdo who blogs about all of his personal life. I made her laugh a lot and when I dropped her off I kissed her on the cheek and I could tell she liked it.

    Yesterday we went on a second date and when it was done I did some cheesy palm reading thing which led to a kiss on the lips.

    I can tell she is interested in me and I am interested in her but the problem is that she is REALLY shy. She is soo shy. So far I've been teasing her a lot and she laughs when I do it but I think on our next date I'm gonna tease her a little less and maybe just be a little goofy to get her more comfortable with me. Anyone have experience dating an extremely shy girl?
  2. Don't forget something for your after-breath.
    Sounds like a plan to me.
  3. dude sushi is good. Get crunchy rolls. basically fried shrimp and its bomb. It isn't raw so you guys should manage to stomach it.

    and like kyle said take some mints with you for after.
  4. sushi is chronic, try a tuna or salmon roll if you don't want something overpowering. They have these rolls called california rolls at most places, its very palatable if you've never had sushi
  5. most girls i know love sushi.i think it'll go well
  6. It seems to me, that sushi bars are becoming more of a sign of sophistication, and more of a modern trend for dating.
    You can't fail with modern on the first date, so by all means sir.

    Good luck!
  7. One great peice of sushi advice: go easy on the carbonated beverages -- sushi burps can be lethal.

    Just ask your waitress for "sushi for beginners" or "sushi for people who hate sushi." Your server will know what to do.
  8. i hope you're not really expecting sushi to be disgusting. it's probably one of the best tasting foods ever created
  9. Some people love sushi, and some people hate it.
    If you do end up going to one I'd go with a California Roll (made with imitation crab) or a Veggie Roll if she's not a seafood lover.

    Personally though, I'd suggest something less risky. A good fondue place is always fun and a memorable experience! Plus, it caters to pretty much everyone.

  10. ^^^This.

    Most people really only have trouble with 1) the idea of eating raw fish and 2) the texture of raw fish. The flavor is rarely the determining factor in whether someone give it an honest shot.

    Split a Sake or two to help you overcome any hesitation!
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    First off you deserve this, good job my man!!!


    Secondly, be Flirty...be fun...be fuckin dom on delanooch...When using a dinner type deal for a first date, that's the best advice I got for ya bro ;)

    EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot...If you need help with a back up plan or a 2nd date idea ;):p Here's a great link of date ideas given by one of our very own blades.
  12. Remember two in the pink one in the stink.
  13. Good luck on your date man.

    Also, that fist thing is fucking awesome soapman.
  14. id better refrain from giving you any advice whatsoever, otherwise your date could be at risk of degenerating into total disaster, maybe even a nightmare come to life.
  15. spider roll is the shit
  16. Good luck on your first date my man....sounds like you got a solid plan, a sushi bar should be a great place for you guys to get to know eachother, hope all goes well for you and that first date is followed by second..Good luck...if all else fails, just light up and have a good laugh about it...good luck my man
  17. eat that shit up man, oh and the sushi should be alright

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