!!!Updated Bud Pics!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chris Lopez, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. :wave: Hey
    thought id post some recent pics of my baby
    :D let me know what you guys think
    any thoughts or comments would be more than apreciated :p

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  2. srry bout the duplicate thumbnails but im too lazy to figure out how to get rid of them lol
    and srry bout the quality of the pics....it was dark out and my cameras little screen view thing was pitch black...i just winged it......but there they are!!! enjoyyY!!!!!
  3. damn u can tell thats some funk...ill check back when u harvest i wanna see those nuggets
  4. yea i cant wait bro!!! it has the crazyiest smell too, its unworldly....like sour citrus candy...the smell tickles your nose, im so excited =D
  5. Nice bud pics, they look very frosty and yummy.:hello:
  6. thnx guys!!!
    ill keep yall posted still another month of fattening up im looking at...so stay tuned!!!
  7. very cool chris. she's a beauty:smoking: take lots of pics and share with us
  8. !!!thnx cabby!!!
    i would take more pics but i dont have a digicam and i gotta borrow one from one of my frineds every time i wanna take pics...but ill keep gettin em to you guys!!
  9. nice'n frosty, just the way I like it. do you know what the strain is?
    & did you happen to notice that in the pic of the entire plant, if you look @ the overall stature of the plant, it resembles that of a marijuana leaf?
    did you plan that or just coincidence?
  10. i gotcha. i dont have my own either sucks when you wanna take some budshots:mad: ill check in often.
  11. Suspect- it could be either strawberry cough (wich im leaning towords now cuz of the crazy ass smell) or trainwreck....see i had three S.C. and two T.W. that ive had for about a year before deciding to plant them, and when i planted em i noobishly forgot to lable the pots and after time i just sorta forgot. Soo two died in a rainstorm and one just sorta never grew, it was all mutant like, and then i was left wit the two, one turned male and i imidiatly killed it...so then i was left with the one wich blessed me with buds!

    Cabby- more than you know buddy, and plz do =]

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