UPDATED [2/4/14]: Got a new bong (triple honeycomb perc + ash catcher + carbon filter diffused downstem - video)

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    enjoy! :D
    bong - $150
    ash catcher - $35
    shop - local one
    ok so splurged and bought more. here's an updated pic of what the beauty looks like (added carbon filter). AND after i gave it a bath this afternoon! :D
    carbon filter diffused downstem - $26
    14mm to 18mm adapter - $12
    a bottle of carbon sold by SI Pipes - $12
    shop - same local one
    FINAL TOTAL: $246.75

  2. haha nice man, that's sick
  3. Nice piece man. :)...: I love playing league high it's my favourite!Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  4. lol same. yo add me if you'd like!
    username: supers0ak
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    ok so i bought some more stuffs for it lol. see OP for updated pics.

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