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    today is week 2 of flower. sensi bloom should be in the mail today so i can start that. they. are a little dry now and longing for water but i am holding off. clones are doing good. the tiny bit of veg showed up and then stalled. but they are only 2 weeks from cut. roots take a while. the flowering ladies are doing great. kush is in the orange and purp in the white. the purp buds are much larger so far. but at this point i don't care. i will be harvesting 2 plants every 4 weeks on top of the autos i run and its all for me. yield makes no difference. quality is the only concern. so far so good though. i'm happy that they are happy. 2 more weeks under the t5 and they will go into the quantum board, final flower room. cheers blades

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  2. ugh.. participation in grasscity has really went down over the last few years.
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  3. Looks good man, yea i usually see the same couple people responding in here .
    Here’s something I been working on tho

    5 OG cheese feminized 6/9/19
  4. i'm subbed! didn't used to be like this. there used to be tons of people. its ok though. quality over quantity for sure.
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  5. sensibloom and big bud given today in half dose.
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  6. Nice I’ve never used a bloom booster fert , but I picked up some beastie blooms for this run, does that stuff make a big difference?
  7. i dont know yet. i just read some reviews on big bud and decided to try it out. i know my plants loved that sensi grow during veg and runoff water always had perfect ph as advertised.
  8. i dont know if it was the big bud, or the sensibloom, but the buds definitely fattened up over night. and quite a few of the colas looked like they went back into the stretch mode. whatever stretch is left in them will be done this week. i'm not sure if all squares will be filled. i should have topped more and i should have started training sooner. i havent defoliated much. but then again i never do. i will slowly start defoliating in 2 weeks when they hit the second flower room. getting to the exciting stuff though. only 6 weeks and i will have some quick dry bud to smoke!

    on a side note, i cant freaking wait! seems so difficult finding good bud these days. carts and edibles galore but hardly any bud. but that will not be a problem for long!
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