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  1. Howdy All!....how's everyone doin?:)Well people... since I moved my babies to their new home giving them lot's o light and some ferts I'm proud to say things have perked up 100% my plant's still aren't very bushy(because i starved them of light and fert's in the beginning)but all is well. They were topped about 5days ago and seem to have just recovered from my nasty little snipping I gave them......don't be scared nasty little snipping meaning Just The Tops! Still no air circulation but I make sure that I open the closet door during the lighting time to allow air flow. Since topping,.. the leaves (that will assist in my bushiness) are growing like WEEDS!!!(no pun intended). Temp stay's around 70-80 degrees.....Humidity...Who Knows?lol. Baby 1 is about 9 inches tall while Baby 2 is about 7. I think I am going to let them veg for another 3 weeks till they are around 12" tall before we go to flowering. Should give them ample time to get a little thicker.Stems have coniderably increased in size, starting to take on the purplish colour with lines.(is this good?)If I were to go with flourescent's all the way because of heat and air flow problems could someone please tell me what max wattage I will need for the whole process.I know they are not the best but this is what I have to work with. The price of HPS and MH light's just aren't in my budget at the moment. Last but not least I only have 2 babies growing for the first run so I need everyone to say a prayer for me...the weed god's need to give me at least one female!Will post pic's just before we flower. WE LOVE WEED INDEED. Peace out
  2. Glad to hear the babes are picking up the pace for you..
    What is the size of your grow area? That will help to determine your light requirements. Are you only using flouro's now?

  3. Yes I am only using Flouro's now, about 300watts. My space is 2'by3'by7-8'HIGH.
  4. 2x3=6sq.ft. so at optimal 50w per sq.ft.=300w. Since it is flouro,,and you may go whole grow with that light,,,I would add more flouro or one of the 70w hps security lights (bought for about $50 at home depot,lowes,etc.)when you decide to flower..

    Other than that..sounds good ,,like woody said..not broke don't fix it.

    good luck.peace

  5. Thanks guy's U all Rock. Peace Out.

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