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  1. yeah so, 9 seeds have rooted out of 20 so i'm going to grow them for about a week on my window sill before I plant them out side.

    For ferts i'm using -Diamond Black Organic granular Humic Acids
    - MaxiGro 10-5-14
    -and for flowering Top ax bloom stimulator

    what are those clay ball things for? and should i use them?
    I want to do the best i can to make these plants healthy. so any comments will be greatly appreciated. How large should my grow garden be? i'm thinking 3feet by 4 feet.

    Anyways i'll keep posting as I go, i'm trying to get a digi cam so i can post some photos.
  2. dont add ferts till it matures more, after about 3 weeks or a month

    the clay pellets are for hydroponic growing, you cant really do an outdoor hydro grow.Get soil

    if you want it to turn out nice, then start them indoors under a flourescent light.Then move to outdoors. this is called hardening, it just gives it a sturdier stem and a greater chance of survival outside.

    make your garden as large or small as you want
  3. would natural sunlight not be just as good as fluros? I cant really set up an area where i can have a fluro light on it anyways.

    Out of the 9 seedlings, how many would you guess are female? is there any way to make them females?

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