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  1. From the heartland this is Stonie Jo with your hillbilly update...

    Well it seems we have all survived turkey day...and that's what I'm thankful for. No alkward moments...well not very many anyway. It took me awhile to get my shit together enough just to make my appearance. Two of the other siblings were no shows so it was just me & big brother. He took me for a ride in his sons car-some little foriegn job with wing on the back of it-damn thing registers 160mph!!!! That was fun. Love my big brother! Never did go see the mother. Called her-can't bitch, she's as close to me as I am her!!! Never got to cook anything good-my oven was bein contrary. All in all it was a fine turkey day, considering there was a family in my town who lost a teenage son in a car wreck the day before. So sorry for them. Of course that makes my gripes miniscule.

    Glad to see everyone else had a wonderful holiday!! Hope that you all gained 10 pounds!!!

    Next is the dragging out of the ornaments, picking of the tree, and the dreaded buying of the gifts. Yes, I start late for all those out there who have thier shit together. I have a feeling it will all be okay. My ol' man has discovered what a freak I am this time of year. Poor guy.

    Well that's it for your update from the sticks this is you stonie reporter, Stonie Jo saying Good Day and Good Bud............
  2. ....about Turkey day, but seeins' how the subject has already been broached.........

    Wednesday night I was hauling my ass around trying to get everything ready to go. Ya see, it kinda became a family tradition a few years ago to go out to this state park to the west of us. Beautiful little valley. They got a big stone shelter house with this massive fireplace we reserve.

    Anyway, I was trying to remember everything I was going to need to take when the phone rang. It was my 18 yr. old, future big league pitcher, college party animal, nephew. He had got to town the day before to stay with granma and grandpa and wanted to come and see us that night. So, he came up to "help" me. One thing led to another and soon we had a liter of Jagermiester in front of us. Words were exchanged and I proceeded to drink his little college boy ass under the table. After he went to the backyard to blow chow, much to the delight of the dogs, he fell asleep in the kitchen floor. Threw a pillow and a blanket in his general direction and crashed.

    Thursday morning began with a bang. Actually, it more like an explosion in my head! Ouch! That Jager carrys a mean wallop!

    One of the deals about me getting him fucked up Wed. nite, was that he would be Mr. Sunshine the next day. So at 7:00 a.m. I went and drug his ass up, along with the girls, and had everybody at the park with a fire going by 9:00 a.m.

    Rest of family showed and we fried a turkey. If you've never had a fried turkey, you don't know what you're missing! Good e'nuff to smear on your head!

    Took the young 'uns on a long hike thru the woods and it got me outta my hangover! Got the kiddies running on up ahead and me and the missus burned one. That was nice. Sunny, 68* light south breeze. Beeutiful country side!

    Spent yesterday getting the stuff of the holiday season out of the attic. Was going to attack it today but a thunderstorm last night, and the afterblow and cloudy today, I'll think I'll wait til' tommorrow.

    Beside's a couple of buddies from the gee-tar days just called and are in town! Ah yes, a few brain cells will be killed tonight!

    Hope everyone is fat and happy!

    Happy Holidays!
  3. ....from yer gee-tar days,eh? Were you pickin' or grinnin'?

    Oh and sorry fer hoggin the topic!!LOL!!!!

  4. Actually, I don't remember. So it must have been good!
  5. Stonie jo, good to see things went well for ya. You can worry all the time about what will happen only to find out you worried for nothing. I hope things go well for you in the furture.

    Smokie, I hope you got over your hang over.Sounds like you had a great time after all. It's good to see the family traditions are still in effect up there!

    My turkey day started off with a good joint about 6:00 am. I gathered up the turkeys and the cookers and headed for my parents. Took three minutes to get there. Deep fried four turkeys with a slip around back three times to take a couple of hits. When it was time to eat i had the munchies so bad i was eating while filling my plate.

    After we eat the boys decided to do the traditional football game. I used to play football when i was in high school long ago. We started to play when the rest of the guys came out to join in. Picture 12 kids between the age of 10 and 16 with a bunch of old guys between the age of 32 to 40. Well i don't need to tell ya, but the young'uns beat us bad and the worst part about it was that most of us old guys are trying to recooperate. Sore as hell, I'm still taking the advil and walking easy. It was a great day. Now the boys want to start having a game every week end! I told them if they wanted to eat the rest of the year they should leave me out so i would be able to get my ass to work!

    Hope everyone else had a good turkey dayas well!

    Nice group of smilies Critter. have a g'day.
  6. Wow - I found this when I searched my screen-name!

  7. Kinda like going back in a time machine. Your thoughts 10 years ago. Pretty cool.
  8. Yea, I was a real blow-hard back then...:rolleyes:
  9. This thread mind-fucked me
  10. ^^^^
    In what way? *innocence*
  11. Dont give me that look...you know what you did.

    I dont think Ive seen you post in forever and I thought you were catching up with us...then I saw the date and BOOM
  12. Man, this is old.
  13. Yes it is old! It's like ancient! After I read this one I read a few others that came up and hell, I was lost for nearly 45 minutes in stuff from '01. Wish I had more time!
  14. hahaha, time machine shit. Well, hopefully you find the time and stick around for a little longer.
  15. Yes, that was a fun holiday time! I still recall it vividly. Since that time, two of the children have grown and moved out; one came back home and had a baby; my baby is a freshman! I'm all fat and gray-headed. Dammit! Hope I get to come back in another 10 years and marvel over it!
  16. way too many '' members'' in here have '' red'' usernames,,,,:cool:

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