Update: Walmart Attempt #1

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hank8713, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. i dont understand what you mean by walmart attempt... did you get your equipment at walmart? or are you actually growing inside of a walmart?
  2. Besides the whole common sense aspect... I provided the link for reasoning to that question..
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    besides from the whole common sense aspect yadda yadda ok dick never mind.. i dont understand why people have attitudes on this site i'm a nice fucking guy people need to stop being dickheads.
  4. I honestly don't know what you'd expect.. its not like you put "lol" or "jk" beside your post to give me some sense of sarcasm.

    Its in aisle #14 with the halloween decorations..
  5. there was no sarcasm to my question... was it that dumb?

    whats in aisle 14? your grow or the tools you bought for the grow.. you need to start being more specific.
  6. Like I said previously: http://forum.grasscity.com/general-i...g-attempt.html
    It's all in there, read it before the next time you post.
  7. Ohhhhhh ok see I thought you were physically growing INSIDE OF A WALMART!!!
    That would've been nuts Hank! Nuts... But so you've bought all of your tools from wal-mart.
    I'm happy to see your supporting that particular business... seeing as how they put so many small
    business out of business, demand their prices from suppliers or the supplier would be put out of
    business... But i'm glad you got your stuff at the lowest price available guaranteed.
    Go Big Business!
  8. Looking good on the Low BUDget grow!!!

  9. hey man!! I can feel the user asking about the wal-mart Thing.. You really didn't specify wtf you were talking about haha! I don't check links people post In forums.. you could have atleast put

    Clickt his link for walmart details.. we are not All Physic..

    Any way Lookin good :) - The tin foil thing.. Show me where _proof_ as to where some one has shown burns from tin foil. I personally find this to be BS.. But thats IMO.

    I use mylar btw :) and I like it..
  10. I wasn't too sure on the whole tinfoil thing myself, it just seemed like something everyone told me to get rid of so I did. Right now I don't use anything to reflect the light, I only have 2 females left and my light seems to be doing the trick.

    I guess I shouldn't have given that guy as much crap as I did, I just figured that it would be common sense to NOT grow in a local walmart..

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