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  1. Some of you might have seen some of my other posts.. I just tried to grow for my first time.. Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know thanks to this forum I gathered all my knowledge to get me pretty far on my first grow.. Unfortunately only one plant made it from the initial batch of seedlings (I added ferts and killed the others), but she is a sexy female (white rhino) who's trunk broke a reflector that was tied around it because it has grown so big.. The total time so far has been about a month...

    Enough yacking though (i'm very high)... I ran out of some of my stuff and decided to make some iso hash after I pruned my plant.. It went very successful, though I initially thought I did it wrong.. I'm very messed up on the stuff I made..

    Well I just wanted to post some pics.. Sorry they are crappy, I didn't feel like turning the light off.. Also I know that the ones one the right have fert burn, that was from a while back.

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