Update/Timeline of my girl

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  1. Alright well the first picture was taken on 9/2 the second on 9/18. I started using molasses on 9/2.

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  2. Looks good man :hello: nice pink hairs
  3. Took some more picture today. Ive noticed some brown spots or dark spots on the edges of my leafs. Does anyone know if the brown spots could be because of frost?

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    Not sure about the brown spots but purple can indicate that it is getting too cold thus making the plant purple. But that may be the genetics of the strain.

    Your plant looks lovely by the way, good job! I also like how you keept it trimmed and low. A+
  5. whats the strain, or do you know? it looks good tho
  6. No idea, could be some schwag. My friend found it growing in his yard. The buds are pretty thin anyways and it was in shade for half of the summer. Next summer will be a lot better ;).

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