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  1. Ok, i just looked at the calendar and tomorrow my plant will be 3 weeks old. It is about 8 1/2" tall and two single blade leaves came out first and now i see two more leaves coming out with 3 blades on them so far (they're pretty small). first, the two round petaled leaves that the plant came out of are turning yellow, is that normal? and i've kept the lights on 24/7 and been watering it about twice a week ( with about a cup of water each time), should i keep that schedule for watering? and i read that you should start the 12/12 schedule for lighting at about 12" tall, does that sound about right? and im skeptical about when to start ferts, i put a half a spike of MG in my pot just in case but i don't want to burn my new guy should i wait until i start the new light schedule and transplant to a bigger pot to start adding or what?
  2. HIGH All, yes I'd start feeding it now...but when you do just lower what the manufacturer's direction says, like 1/2. As the old saying goes "less is better". Spike sticks aren't recommened because it releases the fert over a period of time...so when it's time to give it the flowering ferts you'll still have the Spike stick giving the plant N. I guess you could take it out when it's time.
  3. love to help but dont know shit about growing, just buying :D
  4. Thanks unoit. I took out that half a spike i put in and transplanted my jack flash plant into a 10" pot today. I will probably leave it in that pot until I'm done because I don't want it too big. And it's a good thing that I did because the root had reached the bottom in the other pot and I think was hindering growth. I purchased some MG liguid houseplant food that's 8-7-6 and added it to some water (using a little less than half of what they suggested). Hopefully that will help the little guy out. If anyone has any advice or tips I'd like to hear them.
  5. Regardless of height starting flowering with less than 5 nodes is perhaps early.

    If your plant is 8 1/2" and has only formed it's second (first) full set of leaves then I would consider moving the lights closer to the plants as it sounds like they are s t r e t c h i n g to the light. This sounds like an awful lot of space between nodes to me.

    Sativas are natuarlly more lanky but even so 8 1/2 " and two nodes sounds a little much.

  6. yeah, i had my plant outside for the first two weeks, i've only had it under the flouro for about five days so that might have something to do with. Im gonna keep an eye on it and see what happens. I have the light about 3" from the top of the plant, so i'll move it closer and see what happens. thanks for the help.

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