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  1. It's around day 39 from seed with my Sour Diesel Auto's and I was pretty stoked to find these at the end of last week, and they have now grown in size quite a bit :) 
    I'm guessing my auto's have begun their flowering phase..
    IMG_7039 (853x1280).jpg
    IMG_7036 (853x1280).jpg
    IMG_7037 (853x1280).jpg
    And this is my tent :)  I have a 600w MH cpool tube on 18/6 right now, plus 5x1250lm cfl's to balance the light on the sides.  I have a carbon filter and a 30cm fan as well in there constantly going.  Watering every 4-5 days, maybe a very lite nute every 2nd-3rd watering. The two unhealthy plants on the left were victims of 'hot soil' and still trying to shake them out of the shock although i fear they may be completely fucked.
    The NYC Diesel at the front looks droopy as well, but continues to just smash out leaves making it very dark underneath where a lot of action seems to happen - so i prop some of the bigger leaves up and hoping it works well - and it starts to grow vertical very soon!
    IMG_7034 (853x1280).jpg
    Hints, tips, comments  - all appreciated :)

  2. Found out the droopy diesel is already too big for her finishing pot. Need to go get a bigger pot ASAP tomorrow. Guessing that would be why..

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