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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Norsman, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. hay there,
    Well harvest time has arrived!!!!!!! About half of my plants are ready to take. These are Blueberry started on feb. 11 and were aprox 7 weeks into 12/12. Man what a high this stuff gives grate taste and killer buzzzz. I did start 2 outdoor plants to grow all season to see the diff. from indoor growing, next time I'll include a pic of them. I used feminized seeds had good luck with the blueberry (4 out of 4) but not as good with white widow (2 0f 3) and no luck with orange bud (0 of 3). So my next batch is under way I haven't tried W.W. yet but everyone in the city say's its great. I'll post more later. I have 10 plants any guesses at the yield?

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  2. release the hound. hehe

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  3. killer bud

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  4. one more bud

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  5. Id guess around 7 oz's dry. Nice crop. Have fun smoking that :)
  6. Looks great dude! depending on where you live, the outdoor should be killer, for us here in Oregon its always better then the indoor stuff... peace out and dont smoke it all in one place :D

  7. I can back him up on this one--I just picked up an eighth of outdoor Blueberry straight from the grower. It literally smelled like candy. Every time we get outdoor here, it's easy to tell.


    Edit: Well, that weed I was just talking about was good enough to make me forget what this thread is even about.

    Them plants look purdy, I'll say. There's nothing quite like having several ounces of free dank weed. Enjoy it, you've earned it!
  8. I'm just north of you in washington, I have the plant in a 5+ gal pot on my deck she is growing strong. probably about 3'6" tall with an awsum smell when you touch the plant. the main stem is almost 1 inch thick now.

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  9. nice crop mann. be sure to give us the dry weight before u smoke it all lol.

  10. Hey, definately wanna see pics of that plant u have on ur porch when she buds, it looks like its gonna be a good crop ;-)
  11. The first 5 that are in the pic. Are in Mason jar's curing I got nearly 8and 1/2 oz and still have 5 bigger plants hanging should end up with over 1 lb. I have the leaves drying to make some honey oil. It will be a great summer!!!!
  12. Wow...that looks good... O_O
    <-- Jelous ;)
  13. Nice harvest, nice bear sized dog. I love looking at growing forums- something just kinda... pops... all nice.

  14. You smoke your dog right? My friends tries to eat the weed when we try to break it up for a blunt. LOL we blow shotguns in the dogs ear, goes straight to the head!

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