Update on the Bonza Auto-Fem Girl Scout Cookies.... new pics.

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  1. So my big girl is moving right along as we reach 5 weeks. I'm tying both of them down and the big girl is responding by sending up new tops. I'm growing both in a shared 12 gallon Smart Box. I did this because most summers up here in New England are bone dry and if we went away on vacation these boxes are self watering. Unfortunately it has been raining a couple of times a week and the soil is never drying out... Soil is Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend.. a little less "Hot" than their Stonington Blend. I popped the seeds in the soil and I didn't want to risk burning the seedlings. I've treated once with NEEM Oil when I noticed a bit of leaf munching. It seems to have stopped it. IMG_3537.JPG IMG_3539.JPG IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3536.JPG I just added nutes for the first time yesterday.. Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Organic Granular Plant Food with Lobster, Kelp and Worm Castings. 5-2-4. All water thus far is rainwater.. it rained last night after I mixed the fertilizer into the top inch of the soil. I remain curious why one girl is so healthy and the other so SLOW in developing, with a slightly yellow tinge. Inconsistent

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