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update on new dealer from newyears eve

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by caseih, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. well i met this awsome dealer newyears eve. weve become pretty good friends. he sells me killer eigths for 20. well the other night we were chillen at his place smokin the new bong i got about 2 weeks ago. and hes come to basement. it was like heaven he has 15 plants :]. now im gitten quarters for 30. hes been teachin me shit about growin and said he will help set up a grow room in my basement if id like. hes a pretty cool dude for someone whos 46. kinda weird hangin with a 46 yearold but i guess when youra stoner you dont git uncool with just wanted to update yins.ill git a pic of the new bong.
  2. Sounds like you've got a badass hook up
  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome dealer! Can i get some bud from that guy haha. Its funny, hes still making so much profit selling 1/4's for such a low price, growing and selling is such a profitable job!.
  4. hell yea man sounds like you have a good friend/hookup. And if he grows it is even better.
  5. yea dude i thought he grew but wasnt sure but damn pretty sure this made my week lol
  6. I learned from a 52 year old thats now 55 and doing 15 years for Growing. I truely loved that man closest thing I had to a great father figure. He had known me since i was knee high and taught me just about everything I know about the beautiful herb.

    Having a person of a rather advanced age is a great way to polish up on ur skills and learning capabilities, take as much advantage as you can because i would literally kill to have one last smoke session with my sifu lol

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