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    Edit: New pics at bottom!!

    If you didn't read the trainwreck that I have been maneuvering through during my first grow, you can read about it here http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute...at-improper-growing-conditions-will-do-3.html

    They are nearing the end of week 9 now. I'm still trying to fight this damn nute lock/deficiency on the White Russian. I'll flush it and there will be a .8 drop in ph so I'll adjust the solution accordingly after adding the nutes. I then measure the ph while watering with the nutes and it'll skydive to 5.5 so I'm not sure why there is such a big discrepency between ph balanced water and the water with nutes in it when I'm balancing them to the same ph level.

    Anyways, the cute little mutant Kali Mist looks like it's about to fall over at any time as it's almost loaded to the gills with bud. I knew if I just had faith in the little fucker, it wouldn't let me down LOL

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  2. It looks GOOD to me, I have had WAY uglier ... Keep on rocking it, how are the trichromes ?

  3. Trichomes are much further along on the Kali Mist. It's odd considering that it's supposed to take much longer to mature but I'm chalking that up to this train wreck of a grow and they actually started flowering before I switched the light to 12/12 so I can't say for sure what the actual flowering time is.

    There are many cloudy trich's on the Kali but still too many clear whereas the White Russian still has mostly clear trich's
  4. damn it looks like it snowed ona few of those plants, have fun haha
  5. Only a couple more weeks to go for my two girls. I'm really thinking about revegging and taking clones from these because outside of the stressed caused by the horrible conditions, the phenotypes look just like the perfect phenos that I researched. At the very end will be the new home for my first real grow. As you can see it's a work in progress as I don't have much time to work on it. It's a DR150 with a Can50 filter. So I'll be putting my 1000w in there which is perfect for that size room from what I've been told. The dimensions are 4'11" x 4'11" x 6'9". It's an HPS system though so I'm gonna look into the MH conversion bulb

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  6. and some more

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  7. its not too late to hit em with some UVB and give it a lil kick in the @ss...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPcpt3Be28o"]YouTube - THC, UVB and Me[/ame]
  8. I just so happen to have a turtle light that I will add tomorrow and report back
  9. im very skeptical aobut the use of UVB lights.... after all theres absolutely no scientific evidence that UVB = THC... the assertions made on the video are just that...assertions....
    looking at the world map (as others on the forums have pointed out before me) a similar case could be made for higher overall temps, low humidity, etc...
    even the guy on the vid... i mean, come on.... he sits tthere talkin like hes THE guru of marijuana but he does not bring forth any evidence whatsoever! if hes so convinced of his theory, how about taking two clones and bringin em up one with UVB and one without to see the end result?
    anyways.... ill keep an eye on this post to see if the UVB light makes any difference. Either way.... i dont know what sort of troubles youve been through, but you seem to have come out of it in an excellent manner.... youre plants look the stuff, mate!!! enjoy your soon-2-be-harvested smoke.

    PS. this is one of my first posts, so i take the chance to say hi to everyone here. im slanaxe, posting out of italy..... take care y'all!!!
  10. Thanks for the kind words. I've added the UVB light but it's only a 60w bulb and the coverage on it isn't very broad as the bulb itself has a reflective coating that makes it a more direct beam of light. So what I'm doing is every hour or so, I'm moving the bulb close to each bud site then letting it sit and focus on the main cola of the white russian in between the times I do this.

    Once I get my new room set up, I think I'll buy a better bulb and maybe a few of them and see how it goes.

    We need to see a side by side comparison from germination through harvest of 2 clones to rule out phenotype differentiation. Unfortunately, I won't have two rooms to do this.

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