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  1. Here is an update on my recent grow, LST’d from a few inches tall, now there are roughly 14 days into flower and everything seems to be going just right so far, except for some slight powdery stuff I have noticed on a few leaves, is this a humidity problem? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Hard to tell with the blurple pic but if it is powdery mildew then you need to get your humidity in check and add more air blowing on your plants in your grow area. Next work on getting rid of the PM or it will take over your plants. Their are products you can use in flower like i use Trifecta crop control, or you can use neem oil only if carefull not to get on buds only leaves via manually applied not sprayed. You can also use a milk to water ratio for home remedy, not sure what the ratio is you can research it . If only on leaves you can take a damp paper towel and manually wipe if off the leaves. Again most importantly is get your humidity under control with good air flow blowing on the plants.
  3. Update on my grow, I did some fairly heavy defoliation, despite my hating to ever remove a leaf before it drys up and falls off, I did this to try and remove as much of the PM that I believed was on some leaves.

    The girls seemed to respond OK to this, and it seems there will be much better light penetration, I also removed all the lower branches that were not going to produce very much.

    Around DAY 18 Since switching over to 12/12


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  4. I take afew leaves that block bud sites. They grow faster with more light.
  5. That earlier pic you posted showed mildew. The 2nd one from tuesday. The little white specks. Hydrogen Peroxide should help control it.
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