Update on my grow, boy or girl? im taking bets lol

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  1. So whatcha think boy or girl? Or too early to tell...

    HAS anyone ever seen purple stems?>>? [​IMG]...

    lemme know whatcha think
  2. Yo, I think its to early to sex them but from what I can see they are looking well. Purple stems are common and are part of the plants genes.

    Good luck
  3. to early to tell,wait till your flowering cycle,and then we should be able to help ya out on that question lad:cool:
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    haha can anyone see the difference? In strain that is?

    Thats like a text book pic of the difference in strains.
  5. yea the plants look a bit different from one another
  6. Ya theyre def. different but what the bud actually is geneticlly, i have no idea, i got this bangin bag of good and found one ripe black seed in a whole zip so i said fuck this has to be good to grow and vwalla thats the one on the left, which i believe to be sativa, haha just look at it skinny, perky, and tall. The other one on the right is just some mexican shwag i gripped off a lb so its nothing special which is why i LST it to have a corkscrew stem.
    To add to the idea of actually breaking and re-setting your stem, it is totally possible, the sativa, which i named ivory, actually had its stem broke, when i was trying to transplant our first time i tipped it up and snapped the stem like a fresh carrot, i was like FUCK! It was hangin on by a few threads of hemp so i splinted it up and hoped for the best, then i started reading up on people deliberatlly doing it to strengthen stems. Mine in that sense was a little overzelous but it was an accident. Sure enough a week later it began to grow again after it had fixed itself, it took about 7days to grow again but i gotta say where that stem broke is super strong now. So yes breaking them and re-setting the stem on a splint works like a charm, ive also read it helps the flow of water bc it makes the shoot in the middle grow larger to acomodate the new stem size. just a friendly tip.

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