Update On My First Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KushTrumpLumps, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Looking great ! I know all about things growing out of control, i got super sick for 2 weeks right at the time i should have set up scrog screen i bent & broke all i could but still had a run away in one corner it will work out, clones look healthy i love working with them vs seed, my only suggestion is loose or cover the carpet well it can become a bug and fungal haven i learned that lesson the hard way.., keep up the good work outstanding growth...
  2. Figured out a whoopsie, some of the buds fell over looks like they were down for a while I just never noticed FUCKKKK anyhow pistols are starting to turn brown. They are drinking up a tonne!!!!

    Think maybe another week and flush? Maybe two weeks? Both are 8 week strains but I dont need to rush them tricomes are milky

    Fan is 460cfm


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  3. Make sure you are viewing the trichromes on the calaxes and not the leaves, but imo looking at how straight and perky the pistols look and how much sativa the plant has you have several weeks left, although its hard to tell what color your pistols are though but if there is still white you have awhile yet, i did have an issue with my 80% sativa she continued to produce pistols on the buds close/too close to the light i ended up dropping too 10hrs of light a day...
  4. I will keep that in mind nobighurry, come too far to chop them down early this time and I feel like they are really starting to put the bulk on, had to start tying everything up now.

    I did notice alot that have been down for a while but never noticed because the canopy was so crazy so :( for that. We will put that down as a learning experience.

    Had to instal a new carbon filter, old one that came with the kit was not cutting it at all so i upsized to a 600cfm capacity and spent a bit more money on name brand


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  5. Alas cut day is upon us, I will just weight them dry but the purple snow train was deadly dense.

    The picture of the second tray was one single super silver


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  6. Weighed it all today and I am 2oz shy of 2lbs so i dont think I did to bad?


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