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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KushTrumpLumps, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Alright folks I think I am getting the hang of this... there has been lots of ups and downs and ALOT of lessons learned but I am pretty happy with where I am ending up. I knew nothing about growing till I decided I wanted to try and went and started buying up equipment.

    So here's the setup:
    4x8 Fusion Tent
    6" 1000W vented hood with fusion mini digital ballast
    6" fusion inline fan
    Fusion carbon filter

    Two 4x4 trays
    5 gallon pots
    Soil is mix of coco and promix HP (M)
    Drain to waste hydro I think is what you would call it.
    General Hydroponics Nutrients.

    Strains include:
    Two Auto Jack Herer (one already harvested one already finishing)

    Super Silver Haze
    And Grape Snowtrain.

    Currently the right side of the tent it lit with two king 600W leds. Once the last auto it finished I plant to take clones and flip these gals to flower under a scrog net. Before I flip I am going to add another 1000W and hood... if I can get away with the temps. If not I am going to switch the bulbs out and run them at 600W a peice until I can figure out how to cool them.

    In the process of setting up another veg area. So my plan is take clones finish up the plants in the tent and when they are done throw clones in tent and veg for however long it takes to fill then repeat.

    Here's the photos. I am pretty proud of these girls and all the reading and information I have got from this forum has really helped me out!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Looking good bro! My best light penetrates the center of my grow area (i move them daily until i set up scrog) your plants seem to be around the edges?
  3. I did some moving around when my plant came down. Ive kinda been trying to get all my plants to grow and the same rate and with one light at the moment makes it kinda tricky.

    Those photos were tuesday night. This is what it looks like now, I did some more moving and upgraded to a drip ring system instead of sprayers

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  4. Looking good Kush.....
  5. Everything is looking good. I have 7 plants going in my first grow in a 5X5X7 tent.... never again. Once I get close to harvest I'll start 2 or 3 fem auto seeds from a small stash I have... but I'm never going to take care of this many again... too much work.
  6. So today i had to do some moving around... put it simply im running out of space. Needed to repot a few of the smaller ones already and I needed to relocate the res to make more room in the tent.

    Im waiting for this last auto to finish before I flip but it is reallllyyyy looking like im gonna run out of time here. I plan to squish them all down with a scrog net but it looks like to me a scrog net (i was planning on doing a metal fence that has 4×4 squares that you can buy from home depot that comes in a 4x8 section) would be pointless if the tent is already friggen full? I dunno... might help hold them up if they stretch too much?

    I have another 1000W coming in the mail for now ive just been moving the plants around sorting by height but its getting tiring.


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  7. Your cup runith over for sure! Nice healthy looking bunch of plants, i had one two many last cycle due to low humidity, i got away with it but should have pulled it, i still struggle with killing extra clones.. holdover from days of old guerrilla gardening more is better
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  8. People think it's easy to grow weed until they actually do it. It is a lot of work! Sometimes I ask myself if I am crazy to be working so hard at 68.
    You are doing a great job.

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  9. Grannyfan: You are so right i was blissfully buying from a local dispensary, trying more strains then i can remember and not losing a minute of sleep worring over the first spidermite i even seen in real life on my plants but then my blood tests came back high in lead & arsenic at the same time the fact that many commercial growers were using nasty pesticides so it was time for a change having grown outside guerilla style for years in my youth i thought "how hard can it be", spent weeks building a room learning about lighting, ventilation etc. etc. etc. Being part handicapped there were days i could barely move afterwards, the learning curve for indoor is STEEP! becoming a organic soil mixologist sounded simple enough but midflower i realized i didnt have it quite right then came the bugs and a entire new category to learn, i hope i dont sound too negative, i have enjoyed myself but the first year was tough and MUCH harder then i expected to get dense, oily tasty flowers... i have to laugh at myself thinking back at some of the things i tried... sorry to ramble,,,
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  10. Nobighurry

    Deciding to grow was a bit of a hobby for me... silly right?! But the difference between what you can grow and what you can buy seems to be tremendous if you do it properly.

    We are all here to ramble!!

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  11. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I am officially out of room... im waiting on my new 1000W hood and light. I do not know what I am going to do with the auto... i might have to put it in the middle of the two trays and cut a hole in the scrog net.

    Im going to put the new 1000W up and check for heat... im pretty sure im gonna have to swap bulbs to 600W per tray to keep the heat down and distribute light a bit better. Those king LEDs are making the plants on the right of the tent stretch a bit. Those will be put into action once the clones from this batch are rooted and potted.

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  12. Also I ran out of my normal nutes and ordered some more. Im just using the three part general hydro nutes. Now that im out of those I have the two part powder also from general hydro. I moved the res out of the tent and added a PH meter that moniters it constantly... tap water comes out at 7.3 and once nutes are in and cal mag it comes to 6. [​IMG]

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  13. Lush: Looking good from here!! Nice and healthy..
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    First update since the last.... finally chopped that damn auto Jack... dont think i did to bad on the second one? Maybe 2 ounces? I dunno im not good at guessing that yet. But it looks to be almost triple what the last one was cut

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  15. Almost forgot.... the new addition! I need to lollipop and take clones from all these gals so they are still on an 18/6 for a day or two before I put them under a scrog not to fill the net but more so to level them out and shorten the damn things up!!!! To do this I plan on mixing the tall plants with the short in a zig zag kind of pattern (8 plants.) Dropping the net to the small plant level and then feeding the tall ones into the net.. dont know if this will work but im positive if I flip them without they are going to stretch too tall.

    Ladies and gents... I give you the 2000W 4x8.....


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  16. Looking really nice :) Gj!
  17. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Plants seem to be responding well. Temps actually went down since adding the new hood. Currently running both at 750 watts temps are 76F with 40-50%RH

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  18. There is currently 10 plants in there. Next run will be 8 and im going to cut the veg time quite a bit. Im praying they dont stretch and burn i have maybe 3.5 feet to the light.

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  19. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Well seems to be doing ok! Ps.. i figured out how to use the white balance on my phone for your viewing pleasure. Day 2 since I flipped the lights to 12/12 humidity 46% temps 28.5C the tent actually kinda stinks already? Or am I being silly?!

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