Update On My Babies Please Look

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GETUPforletdown, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. ok so i havent put pictures in awhile and i need to cuz i need to know if its time for ferts

    these two have been growing the fastest so far....

    i know it looks like this one has skinny leaves but it actually is from stretching cuz i had to put the babies outside today because of a cop scare and i think it stretched a bit for the sunlight

    im not sure if this one is stretching too much

    ok some questions because this is my first grow, should i start using ferts yet? if so what mixture, should i put in a fan yet? can i start LST yet? are they stretching too much?

    anymore insight please feel free to give your input, it is much needed and much appreciated

    if you would like more pictures please just let me know
  2. Its a bit early to start fertilizing, those are a bit small yet. I would probabaly wait until those are about 4 times that size before I began fertilizers at a small amount. A fan wont hurt anything, in fact it will start promoting a strong stem early on. I would recommend it actually, cannabis loves air. As for LST you could but I would wait on that as well, just let these little fellas get some growth on them first, they're not strethching at all, it looks very good. Just keep doing what your doing and keep us in the loop. Any questions just ask. Good luck.
  3. Dont worry about stretching just give those baby's some watts and mylar and they'll do fine
  4. What was your cop scare?
  5. well i went to a party and i brought some bud and it got busted by the cops but i got out of there in time and someone told the cops my name and my address and that i grew weed..........so i moved them outside....good thing is my friend saw 2 cop cars pull into my neighborhood which gave me enough time to flush my babies......i really wish i hadn't done it, but the cops showed up with a search warrant....i hid the light and everything in the garage so it didnt look suspicious.....so now im gonna have to start over:cry:

    this blows.....
  6. beat the person who snitched on you up

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